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Chow Line - The Map (longish)

DiveFan Aug 24, 2007 03:37 PM

I've got maps on the brain.
When I read a CH post about an eatery that appeals to me I Immediately want to know - How do I get there?
If the location is in a distant part of this traffic congested county, I often prefer to take MTA Rail.
Therefore, I've put together this Google Map of all of the MTA Rail stations: http://tinyurl.com/25yz7l
For those of you driving in part way, I've noted parking status at key stations near line ends and close to freeways: Norwalk, Redondo, Artesia, Wardlow, Sierra Madre Villa. Sorry SFV, your parking at North Hollywood station is Paid.

Search for the place of interest or center the map over it, then zoom in.
Unfortunately, Google Maps cannot print the user created placemarks at this present time. Major GRRRR.
Pretend that you are driving from the nearest MTA station to your destination, then use Print. Not super friendly, room for improvement here also.

Usage example
Now that I could visualize where stations are, I built a map of eateries http://tinyurl.com/2ystdd that I could remember were near stations. Later I added some favorite past and future targets - middle Eastern, south Asian and Bandini taco destinations. Some of the placemarks have CH Place links.

The Future
Hopefully the rumored CH Hub feature will have the ability to create groups of CH Places that can be easily mapped and shared.

<Oscar acceptance speech voice>
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Save gas, reduce pollution, take the train.
Thanks for listening!

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