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Aug 24, 2007 03:35 PM

el metate - bistec a la mexicana

The other day i stopped by El Metate to end a many year hiatus after a dissapointing night there. Anyway, i was interested by the description of the bistec a la mexicana, so i ordered a burrito.

and then i waited.
and waited
and waited.

I have to say that i have never had to wait so long for a burrito and i was starting to get a little discouraged and was hoping that the burrito was worth the wait.

And surprisingly enough, it was. It was not like any burrito i had ever tasted before, and i think that was part of it's charm. It tasted like they had stuffed the burrito with the lomo saltado from Limon. It was fresh grilled steak with pan seared onions, tomatoes and peppers (albeit they were fresh jalapeno's so the combination is definitely on the spicy side, which i loved).
It was a fantastic combination and the burrito was not overstuffed with more beans or rice than filling, so that every bite was a perfect combination of all the tastes in the burrito.

I have to say, it was a nice surprise, and if i ever want something a little different that i have time to wait for, i will certainly go back for that burrito.

the burrito with chips was 6 dollars and i was not able to finish the whole thing.

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  1. great report....interesting reg. the similarity to lomo saltado. Sometimes the wait is worth it. do you have a location?

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    1. Spelling should be Lomo Salteado.... its pretty much the same dish. Actually Mexico does a whole genere of Lomo dishes.... Biztec a la Mexican is a very, very traditional dish. And if you have them hold the beans & rice... you would have had a very traditional Sonora style burrito.

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      1. re: Eat_Nopal

        good to know! it was certainly delicious, and next time i will ask them to hold the rice and beans.

        Thanks for the info.

      2. I had the bistec a la Mexicana as a plate rather than a burrito. Very good and a great value at $7.50. Refried beans were excellent. Nice selection of fresh salsas.

        My friend ordered a wet-style burrito, the pasilla? sauce they used brought out too much of the bitterness of the peppers.

        El Metate Restaurant
        2406 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA