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Aug 24, 2007 03:33 PM

Yummy in Venice

Can anyone recommend some good restaurants in Venice (preferable) and I guess Santa Monica? Something along the lines of Axe...
I don't like Joe's or Lilly's or Primativo...I like Capo, Via Venetto, used to like Piccolo...

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  1. I like what you like! I wish there were more places like Axe! Perhaps Wilshire or Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica-or maybe Rustic Canyon. Jiraffe or Josie could work. In Venice...what else is there?

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    1. re: holleygolitely

      I Love Giorgio Badi- that's my fav Italian in LA (I'm originally from NYC). Have you tried Mori on Pico for sushi or Sushi Park in West Hollywood- those are great. I think I might try rustic canyon, thanks for the sugg.

      1. re: holleygolitely

        any other suggestions? rustic canyon is fully booked...sorta thinking a little more casu than josie or jiraffe

      2. Chaya Venice is always a great choice in my opinion.

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        1. re: nick_r

          Not to be rude but I live right above Chaya and I think that it is the worst restaurant I've been to in LA.

          1. re: kbo516

            Have you ever been to the Beverly Hills Chaya? Are all of the Chaya's bad in your opinion or just the one in Venice? I ask because I've been to the one in BH and enjoyed it but also wanted to try the one in Venice.

            1. re: mrshankly

              It's not great. Very, very ordinary food, at best.

              1. re: mrshankly

                I haven't been to the BH one but the one in Venice is BAD service and simply uninspired ordinary, food that is not tasty at all.

              2. re: kbo516

                Maybe your not liking Chaya has something to do with living right above them - like the fisherman never eating what he catches because the smell of it makes him sick? Maybe the smell of the resto is off-putting? If Chaya rates a "1" on your scale of 1 - 10, then your list must be somewhat abbreviated...

                1. re: bulavinaka

                  no way- I would be psyched to have a restaurant below me that I love...I was hoping to like it...I could tell by the menu that I wouldnt like it before I even went but I gave it a shot.

              1. re: mollyomormon

                i like beechwood a lot.

                james beach is good, but a bit more casual i think.

                1. re: mollyomormon

                  beechwood is ok...i was actually just there

                2. Somewhat further afield we really like the chow & ambiance at Pecorino, although it's admittedly a tad pricey. Look for discounts on a well known restaurant coupon site to ease the blow.

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