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Aug 24, 2007 03:31 PM

Bourbon County BBQ Smokehouse in Wycoff, NJ

It's owned by the SilverOak dude and I'm wondering if anyone has gone yet..Comments, praise, criticism?

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  1. They've had some problems since opening. They've had nights that they've run out of food, and many people have waited long periods of time to get their food due to inadequate help at the counter on some nights. I'm not sure if all those problems have been worked out yet.

    I got food from them once. The meats were very good and tender but could've used a little more seasoning. Sides were mixed: beans were good, macaroni and cheese was lousy.

    I'll give them another shot.

    1. Been there twice. First time Ribs and brisket were a greasy mess. Pork was served in one inch cubes and was bland. Sausage was good. Mac and cheese was cold and tasteless. Things got better (sic) the secnd time. The ribs were very good. Well seasoned with a good bark. However, the brisket was burnt and dry. We all were gagging and downing our drinks. The poThe pork was better, having been served pulled, with a litle more flavor. Sausages were still good and the mac and cheese was off the menu while they "worked on it". Sauces aren't bad but would be augmented by a NC style offering. Give them time. They are working out the bugs. I wonder if there is a smoke ordinance in Wycoff because there wasn't a bit of smoke noticed by any of us.

      1. Bourbon seems to be the place in NNJ where many posters at different boards are putting in their 50 cents worth. Lots of criticism, and very little understanding. I like the place. There.. I said it. So, according to the myriad of opinions on various boards, I don't know what I'm talking about.
        Sorry, sixelagogo, I don't mean to take this out on your post. I think that the expectations of Bourbon were way out of proportion with other new BBQ places that didn't have such a well known pedigree, so to speak. Consequently, the critics are vocal, and have been weighing in since they opened in July.

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