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Aug 24, 2007 03:16 PM

Best Catering and Cake for Kid's Birthday on Westside?

I am planning my 4-year old's birthday party and I am looking for suggestions for where to get food and the birthday cake from. Last year we got a Hansen's cake and while it looked great, it didn't taste so good. This year I am thinking of Susie Cakes or Rosebud-thoughts? For food I am at a total loss. Thoughts appreciated...

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  1. Well--pretty fancy cakes for a 4 year old. My wedding cake was from Rosebud! I usually just get an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins or a sheet cake from Pavilions or Ralphs with whatever Disney character is in fashion. If you want to splurge, why not get Sprinkles cupcakes? As for food--are you talking adult or kid food? Factor's Deli caters parties and they do cute mini burgers and pigs-in-a-blanket for kids, and then can do chopped salads, panini or honestly anything for adults and they deliver. Clementine has great food you can order for a party, and I recently have been getting things from Fresh Corn Grill, which has the same grilled vegetable salad as the Ivy and great pastas which they can do in big trays. Most kid birthday parties just give the kids pizza and then get different food for adults. Chinese chicken salad from Feast from the East or Chin Chin is usually a good one for the adults at kid b-day parties as well. My favorite, however, is a 4-6pm party with wine and cheese from the Beverly Hills Cheese Shop for the adults!

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      "Well--pretty fancy cakes for a 4 year old." As the father of an almost-6-year-old, I wholeheartedly agree with the underlying sentiment there. Brooklyn Girl, this precious event may be the first birthday that really "matters" in a conscious way to your child. Having experienced/endured heaven-knows-how-many of these children's parties, all too many of which have endeavored to be decidedly upscale, my advice is to make sure you do it the way the kids like it or you run the risk of it being a literally miserable waste. If that means choosing Baskin-Robbins over the gourmet cake du jour because the former can do your child's preferred Spider-Man or Disney Princess theme in Pink Bubblegum ice cream, go for it. It may not be as satisfying to your own palette, but your child and his/her guests will appreciate it a lot more - which, trust me, is all that matters at these affairs.

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        I third that. Spending Hansen's prices on a four year old has nothing to do with the kid and everything to do with the mom.

        Get a BR or Ben and Jerry's cake, take her to Chuck E Cheeses or rent a clown and serve el pollo loco catering to the kids. they'll love it. Frankly, most of the adults will, too.

        She's 4 darn it. When she's 16, then spend the bucks.

    2. Most important to me, what does your 4 year old call his/her favorite food? I'd base my menu around that if at all feasible...

      Really, you could get it all knocked out at Gelson's. Viktor Benes' cakes are grand, esp the Chocolate Parisian; they also do a number of other great pastries, like the Alligator, Florentine cookies, Opera Cake, Princess Cake, etc. Then, over in the service deli, they have so many great options as well. For the kids, I love the teriyaki style drummettes--ate these routinely in my lunch as a kid. You could serve along with some roasted chicken for the adults as well as they do some great ribs. Mashed potatoes, or smashed sweet potatoes, roasted squash, lasagnas, eggplant parmesan, tons of cold salads, great rice pudding, ambrosia... the options are endless.

      If you'd rather take out from a quick restaurant, California Chicken Cafe is good, easy, and reliable.

      You could also do Bay Cities Deli for many variations on subs and sides.

      While the other poster suggests Sprinkles cupcakes, Fritelli's Donuts would be another more gourmet splurge.

      If you want an actual catering company, I've used Someone's in the Kitchen countless times, always with good results, and their chocolate bread pudding is insane.

      I also like Carnival for Mediterranean.

      Zankou, though there are haters, is always a hit with my folk.

      One more idea, Little Next Door might be another option.

      1. How about Thee's Continental Bakery in the Farmer's Market? They do kid decorations...and are tasty! Also many years ago, and this will depend on how many are coming, I ordered many and various pizzas from California Pizza Kitchen, not difficult to gently heat in the oven, several at a time, helps if you have double ovens, and I had everything from plain to exotic, More costly these days. Add a great salad for two or adults, and something else for the kids, or check out Clementine's, and you will be set! Not sure what Clementine's would have for kids, they are online....

        Yes, it is a kid's party but usually at this age parents come with the kids and family members, so I can understand wanting it to be a special event!

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