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Aug 24, 2007 03:06 PM

housemade granola in SF

I'm hosting a last minute brunch and was wondering if there is an SF cafe or store that sells really good, not necessarily low-cal granola. I heard Citizen Cake sells their granola but that was a while back. Does Rainbow have good granola? I've never been a big fan of bulk stuff because it always seems a little stale to me but I'm willing to try again.

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  1. I have been on a granola kick lately and have tried an awful lot of them.
    So far my favorite brand is Udi's Cranberry Walnut. However, the cranberry orange flavor of Galaxy Granola (that is sold at Whole Foods, Tower Mollie Stone's, etc) is also quite good, however, the oats are a little on the sweet side.
    The Cafe Fanny Granola (chez pannise's brand that they sell in store's) is also pretty good, but it has an overabundance of sunflower seeds in it, which i am not to fond of.
    The Bare Naked brand is also pretty good, the fruit and nut flavor is my favorite, but the banana crunch is also good, and i am not a big fan of bananas.
    My favorite is definitely the Udi's brand. I have seen it at Whole Foods and at the Church Street Produce at 30th and church. a one pound bag is 5 dollars.

    I have not tried the Rainbow Granola.

    Good luck

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      Frog Hollow at the Ferry Building has amazing housemade granola - really fresh and buttery. it's probobly pricey to buy in bulk, but worth it!

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        I saw Galaxy Granola being sold at the Ferry Building stand on Saturday (outdoors in the front, pretty near Rancho Gordo).

    2. I like Devinely Delish. They have two kinds. They use Strauss Creamery butter and I find it more crisp than Cafe Fanny. I've bought it at Whole Foods (in Berkeley) and they have a small space at the Ferry Building.

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        sorry, that's Divinely D'lish...the one I get has pecans almonds and pumpkin seeds in it. I think the other one is Hazelnut, flax, and something I forget.

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          Agreed...I hate granola and this stuff is fantastic! Not too sweet, doesn't feel like you are eating sawdust. Seriously great cereal...

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            Thanks everyone! I didn't see Divinely D'lish at WF, but I picked up Udi's cranberry and Galaxy Vanilla. They were both very yummy.

            1. re: skimc

              Odd, that's where I usually buy it. Also Rainbow and Bi-Rite. For future reference, you can buy it online as well:

      2. Our family favorite is La Brea's (Mollie Stone). Quite $$ but a little goes a long way..