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Aug 24, 2007 02:31 PM

korean pajun - sweet rice flour or am I way off?

I have had this appetizer where the dough was chewy, and much lighter than normal. Could it have been a combinatino of flour and sweet rice flour that produced this, or does someone know of a variation like this? All the recipes I have found use only regular flour.

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  1. Yes, some of the recipes call for sweet rice flour. I prefer those to the all-flour ones as they lend an interesting textural element.

    1. wow, I have never heard of using sweet rice flour..sounds incredibly delicious.

      I grew up eating a korean pancake (forget the name....maybe bindaetteok) that had an awesome texture and i thought that it was from tofu. So I took some korean pancake mix and threw in some crushed soft tofu and kimchee and ate it that way. Found out later that it was from crushed beans and not from tofu, but it still tasted yummy

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        hehe that is pretty creative, I have to say.
        ok, now that I know that there is sweet rice flour, I guess I will just have to experiment with proportion. It really is yummy... so chewy, and the fried edges get a light crispness.