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Aug 24, 2007 02:22 PM

Source for good quality grits in Berkeley/Oakland?

Does anyone know where I can find good quality grits (so, not Albers or Quaker) at a market in the East Bay? About six months ago I found Arrowhead Mills grits at Berkeley Bowl, but I haven't seen them there since, nor at Whole Foods or Andronicos. Where else should I check, or does anyone know a place that regularly carries good grits?

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  1. I'll be interested to see if anyone knows where to get good grits locally. I was born & raised in South Carolina, and am about out of the grits I brought back on my last trip to SC. I've had no luck finding good, stone ground (preferably heritage corn) grits locally.

    1. I know this isn't in the East Bay, but I bought Anson Mills grits at Boulette's Larder in the Ferry Building. They're really good, but I'm a Yankee, so what do I know!

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        Really? Thanks so much for the info, I could definitely head over to the Ferry Building for that!

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          Anson Mills makes the best grits you can buy in the Bay Area.

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            Librarian -

            You may be a Yankee, but you do recognize good grits. Anson Mills grits are pretty much the holy grail of grits.