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Aug 24, 2007 02:21 PM

Best Steak in Midtown West/Hell's Kitchen?

I love Peter Luger's, but it's impossible to eat there without a reservation booked a month in advance. I've got a craving for steak so what's the best place to go in the Midtown West/Hell's Kitchen area? I'd consider places beyond walking distance, too, if it's really good. Must not require a reservation though b/c I plan on going tonight.

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  1. I personally love the Bobby Van's! The service is superb, the steaks are fabulous,
    and my family loves the lemon pepper shrimp! I don't know if walking to East 54th works for you, the W. 50th location has a somewhat different menu.

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      Uncle Jacks on 9th ave has good staek in a nice atmosphere. Not far from hell's kitchen is Keene's chop house, a landmark ,,has pipes of babe ruth, teddy roosevelt and sitting bull. Mutton chops are amazing and probably only placein the city , state or country that hasthat,,steaks are really good too.

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        Second both of these suggestions. Market Cafe also does a nice steak frites.

    2. If you like natural grass fed - Try Gaucho Steak Co: on 10th Ave and 51st.

      1. I really love Chimichurri Grill on 9th between 43 and 44. Excellent steaks and the chimichurri sauce is delicious.