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Aug 24, 2007 02:18 PM

ONE last meal??

I'm looking for good places to eat in LA. Where and what would you eat if you could only have ONE last meal?!

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  1. ONE last meal, huh?

    the cut (because i haven't tried it yet), mastro's (steaks, sitting upstairs watching all the crazies walk by), or blair's (food, not atmosphere)

    1. Urasawa.

      There are lots of good places to eat in LA, ranging from low-brow to high-end. But if I had to select one final period to punctuate the end of my life, it'd be Urasawa.

      1. I would choose Urasawa for my last meal

        1. Crustacean's in Beverly Hills. Their signature Dungeness crab and garlic noodles. Their margaritas are the best I've ever had and their dessert chef is outstanding. BTW, who's paying for the bill?

          Crustacean, 9646 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
          (310) 205-8990
          9646 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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          1. re: Clinton

            It's your last meal. Who cares?

            1. re: Clinton

              I do not mean to reign in on your last meal but are you really serious about Crustacean's? The food the is nothing special and the portions are tiny to say the least....not to mention the prices are joke for what they do give you.

              My vote is also for Urasawa

            2. If I had to choose one restaurant, it would be Grace.

              If I could split up my last meal, I would start with chili cheese fries from Carney's, The Kobe burger from Lucky Devil's, and end with the lemon and thyme doughnuts from Craft.