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Aug 24, 2007 01:38 PM

Restaurants in Port "A"

Going to Port Aransas tonight. Any suggestions for seafood that isn't fried? Love it steamed, boiled, or broiled and with pasta.


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  1. The Crazy Cajun, Shells, and Venetian Hotplate (you may need a reservation for this last one) all offer good seafood that isn't fried.

    1. I realize that you have probably already gone and come back from port a but for anyone else headed down there...
      There is a seafood shop called port a seafood co. (or something close to that) right next to the IGA. All they sell is fresh seafood and if you aren't renting or camping at a place that you can cook, they will steam it for you. It’s a ton better than any of the crap you’ll get served in most port a restaurants.