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Aug 24, 2007 01:06 PM

St. Anthony's Feast

Hey anyone CH's heading to the Feast tomorrow?
Thoughts on what to check out for feast food?

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  1. fried calamari. i had some of the best ever during the feast!

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    1. re: Bighead

      I 2nd the calamari. There were several people selling it last weekend at the fisherman's feast. I got it from the skinny older guy with the white beard. Lame description, but I dont remember a name on his stand.

      Another stand had lamb. chicken, and beef skewers that looked tasty, but I didn't try. I stuck to calamari and the raw stuff.

      1. re: Ali G

        That's the "captain"... he's been selling clams on the 1/2 shell and calamari for years at the feasts..and a favorite of mine.

        "Feast" is sort of a misnomer. Other than the clams/calamari, most of it is just carnival/state fair type food.

        The arancini isn't bad; but not better than what I can get at Gallleria Umberto 6 days/week

    2. I lived across the street from Regina's for years and so I went to the feast weather I wanted to or not every year. My best advice: don't go; it's a waste of time and money. Not that it's awful, but it's just not nearly as big of a deal as people make it out to be. However, if you are going the only thing I ever thought was worth the money was the Arancini - be sure to get it with sauce. I will say that the steak on a stick is very good, but more overpriced than everything else.

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      1. re: Girl Friday

        I really enjoy the lamb skewers, and a slice of Reginas is always good. I definately wouldn't call it great food but I also wouldn't call it a waste of time and money esp. for out of towners or people from the burbs. As a side note what isn't overpriced these days? I would rather bring a family of four to the Feast than to the Movies.

        1. re: Girl Friday

          i used to go when the place was full of italians i was born there but not anmore,too many outsiders, yuppie types etc ruined now, the people that used to go 35-40yrs ago WILL NOT be caught dead within 20 miles of the place

          1. re: foodperv

            I have to disagree with you on this.

            There are plenty of "non original N'enders"..or "outsiders" but a lot of past and current neighborhod people come out for this.

            I was a little off on my earlier post about it being state fair stuff. Plenty of that but Sulmona aand a few other locals had their own little place..away from the main area and there were a few other spots that were worthwhile.

            Good time and as usual, if you worked a little, good food could be found.

            1. re: foodperv

              Er...not to put too fine a point on it, but...aren't a lot of the people who went to the Feast of St. Anthony 40 years, dead?

              Went this evening, had fairly terrible arancini, two typically excellent slices of Regina's finest, and probably the best plate of fried calamari I have ever had in my life. So there you go.

                1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                  yep alot are dead and i am getting closer every day lol lol lol

              1. re: Girl Friday

                I went last year - first time in many years (about...I'd say about twenty years). I hate it when people remember things as they used to be, and say that oh, it's just not the same.

                But I have say, it really isn't the same - there is a BIG, big difference. Seems more commercial, less food, less of the feeling that the food is kitchen-made, so to speak.

                Ah, well... that's life. (please don't start singing Sinatra, folks!)

              2. Saint ANthony's Feast has a lot of new restuarant vendors this year, including Carmen's Kitchen, the artichokes at Massimino's stand were yummy, Lilly's pata company had lobster ravs for $8. There is a stand in the middle that serves fresh sliced coldcuts and prosciutto with fresh marinated veggies - that is my favorite!

                1. Prezza spit roasted a whole pig and was selling roasted pork sandwiches at the Fisherman's Feast last weekend. Delicious! I've not seen them in previous years or at other feasts. Because FF runs in front of their restaurant on Fleet St. it was likely a function of proximity vs. becoming a feast fixture. But I hope not.

                  1. The original comment has been removed
                    1. went to the feast last night. girlfriend and i got a small (only smalls available) roni and mushroom at the peroni "beer garden" outside reginas. that and a couple of ice cold peronis- unbelievable. the pizza i had there last night was the best i have ever had at reginas. transcendent!! highly recommend it. if the feast is a little schmaltzy, so what?? still a great time.

                      also tried that pork sanger last week at the FF. phenomenal!!

                      1. re: thekidd

                        We had pizza and Peroni at Regina's beer garden on Sunday and it was fantastic. Ice cold beer, great pizza and phenomenal people watching!