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Monticello, NY

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What's good there? Not much info online for restaurants listed...Carpenito's, Old Homestead, House of Lyons, Mr. Willy's which I gather are Italian and American fare. Any suggestions? Even a good sit down kosher deli could work.

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  1. With Kaplan's closed for years, it's a vast deli wasteland. Go to Katz's and pack a cooler for the trip.

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      That's exactly what I did I bought from Katz's Pastrami and cornedbeef sandwiches(not by the lb but sandwiches) bought some rye bread and pickles and drove back to Delaware County (the next county up on 17) we had enough for more sandwich's anyway the local Shoprite may be of help being there is still a large population of Jewish shoppers who frequent the area from Florida (ny) to Liberty Hasidem as well as secular bought some pastrami on sale at the local priceshopper and a loaf of rye and it tasted like bologna on white.They all carry Hebrew National product's at there deli's as well as Golds horseradish

    2. Yeah.. The entire area has become a wateland of 99 cent stores and chicken and chinese takeout. It's really depressing. Even that cheesy Italian restaurant near White Lake closed up. The only thing I found up in that area is the absolutely amazing Kandy Kone Soft Serve Ice Cream place. I have never had any soft serve like it. We do a fall foliage thing every year and we always stop in for a "fix". As for food, we always stop at the famous Roscoe Diner and have a fun lunch.

      1. We used to live up there before we moved to Connecticut. Did you ever try the breakfast at the Blue Horizon Diner across from ShopRite? I swear to God the blueberry pancakes are to die for. So are the latkes.

        1. When I was a kid (carbon-date this recollection) I enjoyed Miss Monticello Diner .Still edible?

          1. head out on 17B west about 10 miles to white lake...make a right at light...141 north to kauneonga lake...about one mile on left...fat lady cafe...sit outside...right on lake...hanger steak sandwhich for lunch (oh my!)...best monkfish ever at dinner...or stay on 17B about one mile to left on 55 south...about 8 miles on left...the eldred preserve restaurant...ask for fire side menu...great diner food huge portions...the bowl of soup is gigantic...cheap prices...or stay on 17B about 3 miles on right...the site of the original woodstock (peace!)

            1. The Front Porch right on 17B.

              1. I'm not even sure if it's open any longer, but I have had great meals at La Mingotiere in Wurtsboro Hills.

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                  La Mingotiereis long gone. House of Lyons has a new name and owner. Miss Monticello Diner is where my wife and I went for lunch back in 1986 and read one of those free pennysaver publications and found our country house advertised and ended up buying. It's too bad about the downtown. They try to revive it but without success. Bernie's in Rock Hill just off Rt 17 (exit 109)is pretty good.

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                    Actually, I was up in the area a couple of weeks ago and I saw some encouraging signs. I think that gambling at the raceway has somewhat stimulated the ecnoomy. The Fat Lady Cafe is very nice and there were a few other places that looked new. It would be great to see a revitalization of this once great area

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                      The intersection at Kauneonga Lake where the Fat Lady is now has at least three new restaurants. I think a steak house is opening in the brick building.

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                      You seem to know the area. Is the Old Homestead still there?

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                        I have not been there in a lot of years, but I think that it is still open.

                  2. I'm going to be in Monticello next weekend for a festival, anything new to recommend?

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                    1. Benji and Jakes for fantastic pizza.

                      THe Front Porch for eclectic gourmet.

                      1. Spotted a mention of the Miss Monticello Diner. It's a personal family fave; I lived near Astoria for a few years, and the diners' gyro nails it! Great local place