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Aug 24, 2007 12:25 PM

any great restaurants in Ridgewood NJ??

Going to go out with about 5 people tonight. we were going to go out to the city but decided to stay local and was thinking of heading into Ridgewood NJ since I hear there are a lot of nice resstaurants. SO anyone know of any? any places with tasting menus? or just really great food? Please help me out. I'm going out tonight for dinner!!

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  1. Try Marra''s a byob...I hope you love it they way we love it...

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    1. re: RONNIENJ4

      what type of food? and what to order?

    2. I am not from NJ; however, I have a close friend from the area. I went to a great place called Blend -- the food is good and it doubles as a Jazz/Live Music club too in the back.

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      1. re: sugakc69

        I would highly recommend the Silver Oak Bistro in Ridgewood.

      2. My vote is for Village Green...great food, tasting menu, and byob