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Aug 24, 2007 11:53 AM

Liberte Yoghurt - plus other groceries - where to get?

I love Liberte Yoghurt. I first found it in Paris. And now they sell them here in Dallas (where I live) and I notice that it's made in Canada. My son won't eat any type of yoghurt unless it's Liberte (it's twice as much as other yoghurts here in the US -- grrr... but he won't drink a lot of milk these days so I indulge. I think he likes the thick consistency. With other yoghurts he gags)

I'm staying just near the Eaton center and usually we like to buy a few things for the room eg: nice fruits for breakfast, nice yoghurt, pelligrino etc.

If there's a good patisseries (my 23 mth old has a penchant for croissants -- the ones in dallas are very papery) please do recommend.


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  1. loblaws sells it (and everything you need)

    a little bit of a trek for you however :\ (queens quay and jarvis)
    i'm also sure the dominion right near you should too?

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    1. re: ssainani

      what's The dominion? is it a grocery store?

        1. re: pancake

          your closest Dominion is on Ryerson campus On Gould St at Mutual. It's not that far from Eaton Center if you need a full grocery store

    2. It's a bit of a trek, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that there is a fantastic selection of Liberte Yogurts at Fiesta Farms on Christie just north of Bloor. I've been going through withdrawal ever since I moved away from that area, as the grocers in my area don't carry a single flavour of Liberte. :(

      If you're taking transit it's easily accesible by subway. Just ride to Christie station and then walk about 5-10 mins (there's also a bus, tho it doesn't run all that often).

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      1. re: tartiflette

        Thanks! LOL... so it's not just me that thinks that Liberte yoghurts are just gorgeous!

        Any reccs on patisseries?

        1. re: AussieGirl

          I find them lovely too. I have a tub of Apple Pie flavour waiting in my fridge as I type this.

          +1 vote for Fiesta Farms. They always have reasonable prices, and a better selection than Loblaws. Loblaws tends to be overpriced, you'd easily pay $0.50 or more for the same tub than at Fiesta Farms.

          1. re: chiujason

            + 2 vote for fiesta farms. THey have an ecclectic but good selection of lots of things - and tend to use lots of local stuff (bakeries, produce etc.)

      2. Right by the Eaton Centre is a place called Kitchen Table, 595 Bay St. which is just north of Dundas. You'll find your Liberte and various specialty goodies as well. They should have prepared foods as well if you're looking for that.

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        1. re: Chester Eleganté

          If it is the one I'm thinking of, you should be aware that it is underground. It is just at Yonge and Dundas at the north end of the Eaton Centre... just look for the LCBO on the opposite side of Dundas from the mall. The Kitchen Table is downstairs in that building... and you can pick up some wine at the LCBO while you're there! (It is the government run liquor commission.)

          (That said, I can't vouch for the yogurt, but it stands to reason they'd have it there if they have it at the Bay location.)

          1. re: Minnow

            The cheapest place that you will find Liberty is at Price Chopper just off of the lakeshore. We buy it there regularly and I believe the price is about $2.75. You could also pick up croissants at bonjour brioche while you are out that way - it is on queen street east as you make your way back downtown.

        2. For Liberty products:

          Kitchen Table at Atrium on Bay MAY have them. It's north of the Eaton Centre via the underground PATH. But you will be better off going to the 24 hour Dominion a few blocks to the east. Walk east on Dundas to Mutual St (about 5 blocks). Turn north. The supermarket is at the north end of the Merchandise Building, an enormous condo that you can't possibly miss. I recommend the versions with 8-10% butterfat.

          For patisserie:

          You'll really need to leave the downtown core for the best stuff. Pusateri's at Bay & Yorkville often has a selection of stuff from good pastry shops, but they aren't necessarily fresh when you get them. For croissants, I recommend Patachou on Yonge St near Summerhill or Rahier on Bayview south of Eglinton.

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          1. re: embee

            It is a little bit farther but not much - but the Kitchen Table under First Canadian Place has liberte yogurt for sure. I bought it yesterday. (and it WAS on sale) The only catch is that it is only open during the week.