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Aug 24, 2007 11:50 AM

Need new Murray Hill/Kips Bay takeout recs

Ok, I need help - I am going out of my mind because I am sick of all my usual lunch takeout places (Iron Sushi, Bagels NYC, Lamazou, Noodles 28, Saravannas, Sarges.)

Am seeking new recommendations for lunch takeout that is satisfying and tasty for under $10. Hopefully, it would be enough to have some leftover for dinner (I can eat half a lamazou sandwich for lunch and save the other half for dinner.)

I am willing to go anywhere from 1st Ave to Lex, from 25th up to 40th. Please help feed my hungry stomach!!!

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  1. Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine...try the potato pide!

    1. I agree...I live in the neighborhood as well, and the take out/delivery is so average and boring...the area needs a bunch of new places.

      1. Elman's is a new place that just opened a few weeks ago on the corner of 3rd & 25th. I stopped in briefly to check what they have, and everything looked very fresh and appealing. Wide variety of sandwiches, salads, sweets, etc., all available for take-out.

        Other possibilities:

        Carl's Cheesesteaks is on 3rd., b/t 34th & 35th. http://www.carlsteaks.com

        Kalustyan's, on Lex, b/t 28th & 29th, has a variety of take-out items, including the over-stuffed mujaddarah sandwich, on the upstairs level.

        Byblos, on 39th, just east of 3rd. Lebanese food. Iirc, they have lunch specials for around $10 (maybe a few dollars more).

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          I stopped into Elman's when it first opened, and had undercooked french toast. We didn't finish eating it once we discovered the still raw egg oozing out.

          I've never been to the upper floor of Kaly's, as I like to call it, so I will try there and Byblos. Carl's is too much grease for my poor heart on a daily basis.

          How is Lamarca? I keep seeing good things but have yet to stop in.

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            I've never eaten at Lamarca. But my daughter has and says the food's very good.

            Since you seem willing to go below 25th St. (Lamarca is on 22nd), Bao Noodles, on 2nd, b/t 22nd & 23rd, has good pho. Unfortunately, based on my experience a few months ago, the cooked dishes have gone downhill.


            How about Tatany, on 26th, just east of 3rd? I've not tried it.


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              I've been to Bao, which has good clean and clear pho ga. I forgot Lamarca is past 25th. Apparently Tatany used to be better before they switched over to take out only, according to some older chowhound posts.

              I see what people mean by culinary wasteland, but if there is such a great demand for better food, you would think someone would have filled that niche already.

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                There are many very good restaurants located in Murray Hill. You're focusing on cheap take-out and finding new possibilities because you've grown tired of the ones you mention in your o.p. Granted, that may not be easy, but that doesn't make MH a culinary wasteland.

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                  The food at Pita Grill on 3rd is very fresh and clean. The rice bowls are all about $10 and a very filling meal. Unlike most take out you will not be nauseas afterwards.

        2. Libretto on 3rd Ave and 36th St for a large portion of very good take-out lasagna; Lemongrass on 34th between Lex and 3rd for very decent Thai take-out.

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            Lemongrass is brutal. There is a dearth of good thai in Manhattan...actually shockingly so. In the 'hood, I think Joey's is better thai...definitely deliver, but they take their time usually...