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Aug 24, 2007 11:24 AM

Il Bagatto

I have reservations for a girls' night dinner tomorrow night at Il Bagatto. I heard it was hot when it first opened, but also read several unfavorable reviews of staff. Has anyone been there recently? I'm in Brooklyn, so am usually eating out at places over here like Sotto Voce, Antonio's, Al Di La and The Farm on Flatbush. Any feedback would be appreciated!

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  1. I like it. It think it's gotten better in the last year or two, though maybe not as good as the first year it was open. It's not as good as Al di La or Frankie's Sputino maybe, but pretty good. I have generally been happy with the pastas and find them quite affordable. I like the fusili, but the tagliolini, and fettucine are both nice, too. Nothing terribly unique, but good for the money. The paninis are nice, too.

    1. You'll have fun. They always make you wait for your reservation...but at least there's a fun waiting lounge/bar downstairs with music. The food was amazing years ago when first opened...still good, but the service has suffered. When a place gets hot, it's inevitable that the staff is gonna have attitude. Very cramped as well, hope your crew doesn't mind elbow to elbow meals.

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        Thanks EJFood and Jorel for the feedback. We went, it was a tight squeeze, the fusilli was good, service was actually good too. Would go again, maybe just dinner for 2 though.