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Aug 24, 2007 11:13 AM

Recent Woodstock, NY

Any dinner recommendations?

Also, is Joshua's a good choice for dinner? Is The Bear Cafe worth the prices?

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  1. Hi Mlah. I'm going up there for the first time this weekend and have been searching the boards here. Everyone, as you know, talks about Joshua's for lunch so we're going to try that. The Bear Cafe and prices had mixed reviews. We're going to New World Cafe for dinner on Saturday night. It seemed like it suited us re: good comments, interesting menu, atmosphere, etc. You might want to consider that.

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      Joshua's menu does look interesting...enjoy all! My plans have just changed to Monticello, NY. Old Homestead, Carpenito's, House of Lyons, Mr. Willy' you know of these or anything that's most worthwhile there? Thanks!

    2. We had a *wonderful*, reasonably priced but unusual meal at Oriole 9, which is right on Tinker Street. Also, Peekamoose was fantastic (but way out in Big Indian). I have also been to New World Cafe and it was good.

      Have not been to the Bear in many years, but they were always snooty to us when I was a "local". Hence I have been turned off.

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        "Have not been to the Bear in many years, but they were always snooty to us when I was a "local". Hence I have been turned off."

        I couldn't agree more, speaking as someone who grew up in the area.

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          me too! I bet we know each other - its such a small place ;-)

      2. We have been going to Joshua's for over 30 years and still like it. It is a great place for a light lunch, with excellent soups and salads. I also like the carrot juice. They do have some meatier fare.

        1. Woodstock area I love the Red Onion, and if driving out route 28 Peekamoose is the place!
          In the Monticello area and you want more than just a place to eat- head out to White Lake area and the Fat Lady Cafe or the Front Porch...if going further is not a problem, try the Main St. Cafe in Narrowsburg....
          ciao, maggie

          1. We were up there end of August and loved our lunch at Joshua's. I would go for dinner if I wanted a lighter, more casual meal.

            For dinner we chose New World. It's funky, not formal, reasonably priced and delicious. I highly recommend although our overall experience was negatively impacted by malfunctioning air conditioning on what was one of the hottest days/nights of the summer.

            For starters we had the calamari - very good - and the blackened greenbeans which were as amazing as the raves about them on the boards said they were. For mains we had the lamb in a chipoltle gravy with homemade masa pancakes that were thicker than the tortillas they were described as on the menu and much more delicious. It was so hot in there we couldn't bear to stay for dessert but as we had food leftover that was probably a good thing. We were stuffed. One beer and one iced tea - no liquor - and the bill was only about $70 which we thought amazing. But then again, I live in