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Korean in Miami - does it exist?

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I'm looking for a good Korean place in Miami...does it exist? I looked it up and found one listing. I'm not even sure it is the real thing, but I called and they said they're still open.
Anyone have any personal recs instead??

This is the only one I've found:
Korean Restaurant
7917 NW 2nd St
Miami, FL 33126
Phone: (305) 267-0011

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  1. See attached thread:

    Anyone have any updates?

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    2. Not in Miami but if you make it up to Lauderdale, check out Gabose on University between Commercial and Oakland

      1. THey sure have some good ones.
        My #1 is Myung Ga in Doral
        #2 is Kyung Ju in NMB
        #3 is Shilla near Mall of Americas.

        Myung Ga has really good value combo, two entrees (usually a soup but really filling, with bbq or grilled fish) and lunch menu fm Mon -Sat,
        Kyung Ju has great value lunch menu too but only fm Mon- Fri.

        However, if you want grill your own Korean bbq with charcoal you have to head up to Ft Lauderdale. Kyung Ju will bring you a gas stove. As Myung Ga doesn't specialize in bbq, they come served on hot plates. However, the pancakes are really delicious and the soups too.

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          Sakura Doral is authentic -- Korean owned and chef!

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            And they've got pork belly in spicy sauce!