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Aug 24, 2007 11:00 AM

Lunch in the sun in SOMA?

A friend and I want to go grab a decent lunch in the SOMA area - but would love to be able to sit outside in the sun somewhere...any suggestions?

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  1. South Park, take-out from Caffe Centro (great salads and sandwiches) and eat in the park..or at a few outside tables. Also Mexico de Parc is there for take's okay to above average.

    1. The only ones I can think of, apart from Mars bar, which has a very sunny garden but limited food choices, are Triptych on Folsom at 7th or Momo's at the ballpark. Triptych has a cute back garden. Or head further south to The Ramp. Or how about B on the top floor at Yerba Buena or the tea place next door, which has a varied menu? Both have sunny patios.

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        The tea place on the top of Yerba Buena is Samovar Tea Lounge and it's wonderful. Interesting menu choices, great food and calming atmosphere.

      2. Primo Patio Cafe - sunny patio and good, reasonably priced Caribbean grub.

        1. Are you near 8th? You can go to SF Design Center for lunch. They have a great and reasonably priced menu. The outdoor seating is popular and you might have to wait.

          1. Thank you all for your feedback!