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What happened to the Buca di Beppo in Tampa?

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I'm not a huge fan of the chain, but was a fun place to go with a large group and the found was pretty reliable. They seem to shut down the location on North Dale Mabry with little notice. Haven't seen anything in the papers.

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  1. The company has been in dificult financial straits. Depending on how much you care, read their 10Q or see this recent financial report <http://biz.yahoo.com/bizj/070808/1503...>

    Not sure which three restaurants thecy closed but suspect Tampa was one.


    1. I had heard that the local franchise owner had a falling out with the company, closed the one on North Dale Mabry and that the other location by 275 will be changing soon also

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        Only other one I knew of in the area is (was?) is Brandon. I haven't been out that way in a few weeks, but it's still listed on the company's web site.

      2. They just shut down the Buca's in Brandon too!!!! What's going on!?????? I loved that place!!!

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          Well that bites! We hit Brandon once or twice a month and always meant to try it for lunch. Nerts!

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            and sorry, I don't have much in the way of substitutes -- there's a Carrabba's around the corner, and a Mimi's cafe, but Brandon is pretty much Franchise Central these days. (a long way from when I first moved to the area, and there was a Burger King and a McDonald's, and the land on which the Buca sits was a dairy farm)

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              I know what you mean about that......I first moved to Brandon in 1976 and lived there until 1980........it's barely recognizable compared to back then. Heck, I lived there again from 1987-1992, and it has changed drastically even since then.