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Aug 24, 2007 10:52 AM

Diner CLOSE to NJ Turnpike?

Driving south on the NJ Turnpike in the morning and looking for a place to stop for lunch in Southern NJ. Any recommendations? Only requirement: within a mile or 2 of the Turnpike. Thanks!!

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  1. I would say go to the end of the Turnpike, and just before you go across the Delaware Memorial Bridge, get on 49 south - go about a mile and a half, turn right on Main St, at the blinking yellow light, one block to the Riverview Inn, sit on the deck.

    1. Off exit 4 (Route 73):
      head AWAY from philly (south? whatever is bearing left once you go through the toll) There is Sage Diner on the right, which people say is good. I just drive past it every day and it always seems to have a crowd.

      Or, go through the light where it is and then 1-2 other lights and there is Greentree Road (about 2-3 miles probably) Do a jughandle to turn left and there's a Whole Foods Market with an extensive salad bar, hot bar, brick oven pizza, etc. Same shopping center has a Saladworks cafe, Einstein bagel, japanese restaurant and a couple of Italian joints.

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        I was going to suggest the Sage Diner as well. Decent diner food, nothing special, good soup and breakfast items and sandwiches. Big salads. It is no more than a mile from the turnpike entrance exit. Exit at 4, just as alexajord says, go south on 73, stay in right lane. It's next door to a Wendys restaurant. When you leave the diner, exit out the back of the parking lot onto Church Rd, and make a left at the light onto 73 North. The turnpike entrance will now be on your right side just about a mile up.

      2. Mom's diner is right off of exit 8 on 33 east. Not exactly south Jersey, but it is where I'm from

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          I read someplace that Mon's had closed recently. Is that the place that supposedly had the great greek food? I always meant to get there, just never got around to it.

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            Yeah, that was me that noted Mom's now has had a "Closed for Renovations" sign on the window for several months now, and there's been no noticeable work being being done- altho' I haven't been by in the last week or so. (There was some road construction in front of the diner when it first closed, which may have prevented/discouraged some customers from stopping). Mom's was also known for having a Cuban Sandwich on their menu.

            That reply and other comments on this subject (well, depending on the OP's definition of "South Jersey"- let's face it, for such a small state, there's a lot of 'sections'- North, South, Central, the Shore, Northwest and few agree on the definition of them -g- ) can be found on these threads from the last few weeks:

            "Can't take it anymore: Need recs off the NJ tpke and 95"
            "Best diner along the NJ Turnpike?"

        2. Americana Diner in Hightstown, on US 130 near exit 8 or 7A. Best diner in the state, along with its sibling in Edison on US1, the Skylark.

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            I'll second the Americana diner.
            Exit 8, Route 33 West into Hightstown until you can't go straight anymore (not far).
            Left at light (539?).
            Right at first light (571?).
            Right at light (130 North) and America in on the right.

          2. Well, we're back from our trip. Ended up at the Sage Diner (will keep the Americana for next trip -- thanks for the directions!) As indicated, it was "fine." Service was very friendly, expedient (still don't know how they manage to do it all so quickly).... I ordered a Western Omelet which was prepared exactly as requested (well-done). Others ordered turkey club which had mixed reviews. My husband raved; my son was less than impressed. He wasn't sure of the source of the "turkey." However, the convenience was the best part as it was less than a mile off the road. A break from the awful traffic we were constantly stuck in, so no complaints. Thanks again to all!