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Aug 24, 2007 10:46 AM

Any good frozen yogurt places in Columbus or nearby areas?

I am moving from Los Angeles soon and am addicted to the forzen green tea yogurt. Not just Pinkberry but all the lookalikes.
Since none of these places ship their products like some ice cream places do, I am down to looking for similar products in Columbus or nearby areas.

Anyone know of any good frozen green tea yogurt places?

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  1. Don't know much about frozen yogurt, but I believe Jeni's ice cream (the best in Cols, which is a place that has great ice cream - Graeter's, Johnson's Denises) has a few flavors of frozen yogurt. I seem to recall a blueberry/lemon flavor. All places mentioned have web sites and Jeni's list their seasonal flavors.

    1. i'd love for someone to prove me wrong, but i'd be shocked if korean-style frozen yogurt has made it to the midwest already. i'm back in ohio at least 4 times a year, and i've never seen anything other than the standard style.

      1. Pinkberry hasn't made it to Columbus yet. But you might try a place like Momo2 or Fantasia Tea Cafe for other green tea things like bubble tea or smoothies.

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          Yes, I figured as much. Sigh. I am gonna have to eat my weight in this stuff so I get sick of it and don't want it anymore.
          But I will try Momo2. Sounds like a kick-butt place to hang out! At least boba came to the midwest. Only a matter of time my friends....only a matter of time.

          1. re: bkh238559

            i feel your pain! i just relocated from new york where pinkberry and all its imitators have totally taken up the frozen yogurt market. tasti dlite no more!! every time i return to new york, pinkberry is on my list of MUST HAVE items.

            nida's sushi in north market has great tom yum/kha and pad thai (she's thai i think). i think the sushi is better than kooma or haiku too.

            1. re: shmack

              Thanks. I think as the word gets out...they will come. I've been begging all the Korean markets that they need to start thinking "Midwest Market"

              1. re: bkh238559

                i dk what you are getting at as there are korean markets in cols and clev.

                and bubble teas have been in the "midwest market" for many years now.

                i'd suggest any decent japanese restaurant will have green tea mochi ice cream for dessert. or you could buy some at any of several japanese or asian markets in columbus. that'll work in a pinch until pinkberry gets there....which wont be long the way they are expanding.

                i have pinkberry at the foot of our place in ny and i never go there, i just dont care for the stuff. it certainly doesnt hold a candle to ohio's impressive ice cream options. but good luck what do i know the only frozen treats i go for are italian style sorbets lol!

                1. re: mrnyc

                  I meant that out here in LA (with a huge population of Koreans), at like every large Korean grocery market there is this new Pinkberry style frozen yogurt.
                  I don't really care for Boba teas and I am lactose intolerant (which though I LOVE Ohio ice cream and was raised on it, just can't eat it any more)
                  Yes, I kind of guessed. I mean, this thing has taken over LA and NY and it's really nowhere else inthe coutnry yet, but's coming.

                  My friend lives in Sacramento and they just opened up two.
                  I'll learn to live without it I guess! (:
                  I love Italian ices and Sorbet.

          2. re: kura kura

            Oh and I looked up Fantasia Tea Cafe! Great! It's an Indonesian place. I love Indonesian food.

            1. re: bkh238559

              If you like Indonesian food, you'll want to hit Taste of Bali, too.

          3. I agree that Jeni's has awesome frozen yogurt -- apricot, as well as the famous Meyer lemon. I also was surprised by how good Yagoot's (at Easton) was, despite the silly name. It actually kind of tastes like...yogurt that has been frozen. It has that yummy tang. They also have actual fresh fruit for toppings, and are very generous with them.

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            1. re: efay

              Ooh, interesting. I've gotten used to the froyo type places that the OP asked about (here in the SF Bay Area) and was starting to feel their pain until I got to your post.

              I've already been to Jeni's on a prior visit for the ice cream (rated pretty well compared to Bi-Rite and Humphry Slocombe out here IMHO). Maybe not quite the same as what you can get here, but might as well give it a whirl

            2. There's a Red Mango, which I believe is similar to Pinkberry around Ohio State. I don't know if they have green tea flavor or not, but it should be easy to check.