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Aug 24, 2007 10:45 AM

Best food - Deer Isle/Stonington

Get away from the fried food that you find everywhere on Deer Isle and head for Cockatoo on Oceanville Road. The small restaurant/takeout/fish store has won out with us for the past two summers. Delicious everything. As we were leaving Deer Isle this summer we learned the owner/chef at Cockatoo is opening another restaurant in what was the Goose Cove Lodge Restaurant (on the other side of Deer Isle, Goose Cove Road?)....with a larger, more varied menu. We dined at the old Goose Cove Restuarant two summers ago and it was...boring, boring, boring. Cockatoo can only be a huge improvement to the old restaurant. We wish Susan the best of luck the new venture and were impressed with the young new chef we met this summer while at the original restaurant.

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  1. I reported this about 2 weeks ago under eating our way through Maine, and agree with you. Fabulous food. Had the steamers in beer, garlic, and butter and the fried clams Portuguese style. She showed my husband the fresh shucked clams that were on their way out the next morning.
    Big winner

    1. If only the service issues could be fixed. I know of at least four separate instances of it taking upwards of one, even two hours from ordering to being served. Good food is worth waiting a point. These aren't fine dining spots where you expect a leisurely meal, though. Nor is it a short but annoying lag. It's llloooonnnngggg. Whatever you do, don't go hungry.