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Aug 24, 2007 10:08 AM

Vietnamese cookbooks

I love Vietnamese food and decided to try my hand at it. Any recs for cook books I can use? My recent purchase is the 'Complete Vietnamese cookbook',Ghillie Basan.

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  1. I've used Nicole Routhier's _The Foods of Vietnam_.

    1. My newest favorite of the moment is Andrea Nguyen's Into The Vietnamese Kitchen. I also treasure my books by Corrinne Trang and Mai Pham. If you google up andrea nguyen you can take a look at her website and blog. She also had two articles in the latest Saveur, one on Avocados and one on Vietnamese cooking.

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        Epicurious has Mai Pham's reciepe for Grilled Five-Spice Chicken on it's website. It's a staple at my house -- even my kids love it!

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          I got one of the Mai Pham books for my mother one year. It's a good one for those who goes to the Vietnamese grocery stores and want to know what all the names mean - my mother, being Vietnamese herself, actually does the opposite and finds it useful when she only wants to stop at the neighbourhood all-purpose grocery mart. The recipes in the book also looks quite good, but I won't attest to any of them since none have been made in my household.

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            I have her book, "Pleasure of the Vietnamese Table" and have really enjoyed it. Pho is one of my favorite foods in the world and I learned how to make excellent stock for my own with this book (although at $5 a bowl at the restaurant it's a lot easier and less expensive to pick up). I really appreciated learning about the traditional way to eat pho and it's cultural significance.

            I very much enjoy the overview of traditional prep and herbs and spices. Wonderful descriptions and easy to follow.

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              I love this cookbook, as it helped me figure out the Vietnamese groceries here. She makes good recommendations on what brands to buy and how to prepare them. Most of the dishes I've had at restaurants are in this book, and explained very well.

          2. re: Candy

            I second your recommendation of Andrea Nguyen's book. It's now the sixth or seventh addition to my growing collection of Vietnamese cookbooks and probably my favourite. For me, the chapter on Viet-style charcuterie was alone worth the cover price.

            And, props to an author who clearly elucidates the differences between traditional/native cookery practices and those which are more modern/expedient and/or "expat" in nature.



            1. re: Erik M

              Hi Erik, I am glad you provided the link to the blog and the tale of my enjoyment of her book. That makes #7 for me and I think a favorite. I really like that there is a pronounciation guide. It makes it easier to ask for what you are looking for. I think if someone has had no experience withViet cooking then this bookis the place to start.

          3. Thanks all, you been a very resourceful group - I think I'm going try and get my hands on the books mentioned in the thread below to begin with.