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Aug 24, 2007 09:47 AM

Authentic Indian?

Any Indian in the city that is highly authentic (and tasty!)? Thanks.

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  1. What borough are you in (and which ones are you willing to go to), and do you want North or South?

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    1. re: scarlet starlet

      In Manhattan, am willing to do any borough but of course prefer Manhattan (Preferably Midtown - Canal), and am curious about both North and South Indian cuisine, but especially North...

      1. re: shivohum

        If you are into North Indian/ Bangladeshi I would strongly suggest that you go to the Outer Boroughs board and ask about Spicy Mina.

      1. South- Saravanaas

        Gujarati- Dimple and Vatan

        1. Vatan...will need reservations...

          1. I'd try Yuva on 58th of second Ave. for north indian weekend buffet - High end Try Devi.
            for Chaat try Sukhadia and Dimple - and for Southern style Sarvanas. Also Kosher Indian - Chennai garden, Tiffinwala....