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You know that show Ace of Cakes on the Food Network?

Does anyone know where I can go in LA where I can design my own cake like they do on the show? They use a lot of fondant over their cakes and I like how they can make them look kind of cartoon-y...

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  1. http://losangeles.citysearch.com/prof...

    You might want to try Hansen's Cakes on Fairfax.
    1072 S Fairfax Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90019-4401
    Phone: (323) 936-5527

    btw--i hate that show....sorry!!!

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      Oh, I've only seen it a couple of times. They're cakes are cool, but I can't believe there's a whole series on it. I was just looking at the Charm City Cakes website...and cakes start at $500! Yikes.

      1. re: jessisthebest11

        Hahaha...thats why my sister is studying to become a pastry chef...so she can make $500+ cakes!

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          Well good luck to her. I think it all depends. My brother in law was "executive pastry chef" at Drago and he was not making very much at all. I think he could have made more flipping burgers at In and Out.

    2. Not even the "Ace of Cakes" lets his customers design their own. They give him a theme and HE designs it.

      Try Hansens or Cake Divas.

      Hansen's is your best bet, I think. On Fairfax, there is another bakery RIGHT NEXT to hansen's that can do similar work, but I forget the name.

      Actually, I know a guy who does it as a hobby, lemme see if I can get him to do it and give you a contact. You would, of course, have to pay him.

      Seriously, the Charm City cakes are priced per industry standard. You're looking pretty much at a cake costing at least $350 if not more. Trust me, I've looked into it myself.

      1. There is a place in Sherman Oaks on Ventura called Memorable Cakes that does cakes designed to look like wrapped gift boxes, etc. Theres also another place on Ventura Bl. east of there on the South side of the street that does pretty elabroate cakes, sorry I don't know the name.

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          That would be Hansen's branch in the Valley.

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            Is it Memorable or Unforgettable Cakes... I thought it was the latter. Second the rec for Cake Divas.

          2. Rosebud Cakes in Beverly Hills makes really cool looking cakes. The person who owns it was on one of those cake challenges on the Food Network (it was an Elvis cake competition).

            1. There is a cake decorating store in Canoga Park you might be interested in. They have every conceivable decorating supply and also have classes. IIt's called Kake Kreations and is at 21851 Sherman Way, one block east of Topanga Canyon on a northeast corner. Website is www.kakekreations.com

              1. What I'm wondering is if these type cakes actually taste good? If so, who makes one that tastes good--is fresh, has a good crumb, and the frosting has some flavor? I've always thought fondant was kind of bleh unless it's really fresh.

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                  I have found that the really expensive cakes don't taste nearly as good as the supermarket cakes. At every child's birthday party I go to, we eventualy end up debating who makes the best cakes: Ralph's or Albertson's. My sister-in-law always spends a fortune at Cake Diva(?). They are beautiful but do not compare to the ones from the market. And, the markets are catching on, they offer a nice variety of specialty cakes to counter the boredom of a sheet cake (ie pirate ship, princess castle, etc.)

                  1. re: benken

                    Ain't that the truth! The fancy-schmancy cakes are usually very dry in texture, probably from being kept in a freezer until the decorating is done. Even the Costco cakes are better. There is a lot of competition for your cake business, but for the price I'll take Porto's or Costco. And sorry, but although he is an interesting character, watching some guy driving a huge cake in a van to its destination (and get lost!) is not my idea of spending 1/2 an hour of TV.

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                    Yeah, the sculpt a cake people can be hit or miss. Some are good, and the brides and such can do a tasting to be sure. Some concentrate on shape and the cakes themselves are all pre made and sitting around in the freezer

                  3. Ya, I liked the Rat cake! I think the show is funny because of the stories, not the cakes (which are cool).

                    1. Might be too late but Dorie Kinney in Glendale is great for this http://www.cakeartist.blogspot.com/