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Aug 24, 2007 09:26 AM

Burrata - Where can I find it?

I've been wanting to try this cheese for awhile, I'm not sure where I can find it. I look on occasion but no luck. Does anyone in lower Westchester sell it?
Or does anyone know if the cheese shop in Grand Central sells it?

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  1. In case you want to call, and don't know the name, it's Murray's Cheese - I checked their website and it's not on there, but worth calling.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Murray's Cheese at Grand Central (and on Bleecker Street) carries burrata. We're expecting a fresh shipment tomorrow. Happy eating!

      1. re: Ivyoats

        I'm sending my husband over tonight on his way home form work. Hopefully they have it. If not I'll make him check back on Monday. thanks!

        1. re: Ivyoats

          They were out of Burrata at Murray's, but my husband was informed they do get regular shipments on Saturday's. He was able to score some Monte Enebro which we LOVE and have not had in almost a year.
          Does anyone know of any great cheese places in Westchester or even Fairfield County? After a year here I still haven't found a cheese place I liked as much as Dean and Deluca.

          1. re: SweetPea914

            I can unequivocally recommend a phenomenal cheese shop in Darien CT, Darien Cheese and Fine Foods, in Goodwives Plaza, by Coromandel, the Indian restaurant:


            It is every bit the equal of Murray's--better, in fact. Darien's cheeses are always perfectly ripe, while I've had overripe Epoisses and soft cheeses beginning to go hard from Murray's. Last year, they brought in their own Stilton and aged it themselves, producing the single best Stilon I've ever had. And a few years back, they were busted for selling unpastuerized soft cheeses, though they'd NEVER do that anymore... ;-)

      2. Dante's on Central Avenue will have it by September 12th.

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          BTW I picked up the best tellegio I have ever had, and great buffala mozzarella from Dante's, it might be worth the wait.

        2. Have you checked Auray Cheese Shop in Larchmont ?

          1. They also have it at most markets on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

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            1. re: Chrissyd7

              I was just there yesterday and didn't see it at the 2 places I looked.

              1. re: SweetPea914

                Off Arthur Ave inside the Retail Market I've seen it several times at Mike's Deli. If you google Mike's you'll find the phone number, they are very accomodating & I think they would hold it for you. If you go, they make the best mozzarella & also try their dried mozzarella.

            2. I've bought it at Mike's as well as another cheese place whose name escapes me...

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              1. re: Chrissyd7

                Oh no! I was at Mike's, looked for Burrata, didn't see it! They were busy and my parking meter was about to expire so I didn't stick around to ask. the good news is my husband was VERY jealous that I had a nice lunch on Arthur Ave (I love Emilia's!) so I'm sure we'll be back soon.

                1. re: SweetPea914

                  I believe I've also seen it Whole Foods in White Plains. Thanks for the word about Emilia's, I've always been curious to go there. Good luck!