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Feb 9, 2006 12:08 PM

Harris Steak house vs. House of Prime Rib

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who's been? Which is better? I have a craving for some old school meat and potatoes. thanks

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  1. If you want steak, go to Harris's. If you want prime rib, go to HOPR.

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    1. re: Jeff
      Robert Lauriston

      If you want steak, go to Alfred's!

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Agree that Harris' is not the best place for a steak. If you're craving good meat and an Old School ambience, go to HOPR. But I think Harris' is a ripoff.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Have to disagree with the Alfred's recommendation. Ambiance is fine, but the ribeye I had there was nothing other than a big pile of fat. Alas, SF is not a great steak town. ACME and El Raigon are commendable for the meat, but the atmosphere at both is decidely non-steakhouse.

          1. re: Jeff
            Zach Georgopoulos

            Unfortunately, Alfred's is sort of hit or miss nowadays. This pains me, as I have been a long time fan. I haven't given up on them, yet, though -- last time I went, I had a great steak.

            1. re: Zach Georgopoulos

              I agree that Alfred's can be hit-or-miss, but it's more often a hit, and I love the place anyway. However, for a can't miss steak, I recommend Harris'. We have been to Harris' at least once a year for the past 20 years, and we've never had a bad steak. Also, in our experience, the service is always impeccable. Even when we arrived wet (it was raining) in jeans and sweatshirts and were seated in the main dining room at 10pm (when they were technically closing), we were treated extremely well, and not rushed in the slightest. Fabulous food with great old style service.

      2. Harris' ages their steaks- they are excellent but expensive. They have a website.
        House of Prime Rib does ONE thing. Prime rib. Thats it. You have a choice of potato and is served with creamed spinach. They serve all the food including the salad with ICEBURG table side. Very old school.

        1. d

          morton's, while being expensive, is great. i haven't been to either harris' or HoPr, but I have been to morton's (on post) many, many times and it rocks. from their meat (which i have to say comes from my dad's company) to their asparagus with bearnaise, and many other sides, it is phenomenal.

          steak houses are expensive, but sometimes very worth it, and this is!

          1. I LOVE House of Prime Rib. Been going there for 30 years. It's never changed...except for the crowd. I don't go anymore because you have to plan weeks in advance. Harris' is okay if you want steak. I'm sure there are better and cheaper steakhouses in SF. We sat in the bar area because we were dressed casual. I don't particulary like places that make the men wear ties. Is there a Smith & Wolensky out here?

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            1. re: ShopperGirl

              Ever see how Harris Ranch treats their animals from I-5? That's turned me off to them.

              1. re: foodaddict

                Hello, Acme Chophouse makes the extra effort to use humanely raised meats and sustainably grown or gathered seafood and produce, with very good service and not excessive prices for the quality of ingredients. cheers

            2. House of Prime Rib does its one thing well. I ate their last year, my first prime rib. I almost didn't make a reservation, cuz my group planned to go at 6pm on a Thursday, but we got sqeezed in, and then squeezed in again when one person was half an hour late trying to find parking. The place was jumping, lots of happy faces, and I felt well treated. But I doubt I'll go back.

              For old school, you could also go to Izzy's on Steiner.

              For a newer school, I like Bobo's on Lombard.