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Aug 24, 2007 09:17 AM

L.A.hounder wants to bring the best of Chicago back

Happy Friday!

I will be flying out to Chicago (St. Charles actually) on Sunday for a week long training for my new job. This will be my first time to Chicago and am very excited to taste all the goodies this city has to offer...

I'm not sure if I will have time to actually go to downtown during the week, but it would be an awesome surprise if I could bring back something for my boyfriend who loves LOVES LOVES pizza, hot dogs, and samwiches.

My training will end next Friday at 3pm and I depart at 5:40pm.

Please tell me that there is a way to grab something good and take it home with me! (Btw, I will have a carry-on, but willing to check in)

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. You can get frozen pizzas from Ginos and Lou's I know.

    1. Lou Malnati's does offer frozen pizzas. I've shipped many to out-of-state friends. In my opinion, they're good but not nearly as good as the ones offered in the restaurants. Check out

      There's also a Johnnie's (Italian beef) about 10 minutes west of O'Hare just off of 90 on Arlington Heights Road (north about 1 minute). You'd have to call ahead -- I know they offer items to go, but you might need something to keep the beef (in juice and provided in plastic containers with lids) cold for travel. But I will say that their beef is outstanding and worth taking.

      As for hot dogs, there's a Vienna beef outlet in the city, but can't you buy them in LA or get them shipped? To me, what makes a hot dog a Chicago dog is mostly the toppings.

      Finally, at O'Hare they offer frozen pizzas for sale, but I can't remember who offers them.

      1. Definitely pack some ice packs so you can take home some Gino's East pizzas! They do sell them at grocery stores though, so maybe you can get them in LA instead. But, Gino's East is the best! Hope you like it.


        1. I do this whenever I'm in Chicago. If you are short on time and cannot get downtown, my advice would be to go to Jewel or Domnick's, purchase an ice pack, Vienna Beef franks, celery salt, neon green relish, sport peppers, poppy seed buns, a Vienna Beef brand Italian beef kit, Gino's East frozen pizzas and pack it all in a suitcase with your ice packs. You can take that as your carry-on (to prevent crushing). It should last the flight to LA and overjoy your BF.