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Aug 24, 2007 09:12 AM

tacos de cochinitas pibil-- anywhere?

I lived in Southwest Detroit for a few years, a heavily Mexican neighborhood, and used to get these tacos all the time. They were incredible. I can't find them anywhere in NYC-- anybody know where I could get some?

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  1. Not tacos, but you can get a great dinner plate of pibil at Gabriela's on the UWS. It comes with fresh tortillas, so you can make it into tacos right there at the table, if you like.

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      Excellent-- I love Gabriela's, haven't been there for years, never had their pibil. Thanks for the heads up-- gives me a good reason to make the trek up there.

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        Wow, I just ordered these last night at Mole down in the LES. A bowlful of tender shredded pork arrived at the table bathing in dark, intensely rich/nutty/garlic sauce (not too much bite, but that allowed the other flavors much more space to shine). The tacos were DIY in fashion - cilantro, tomatoes, salsa verde, rice, beans, and a basket of blue corn tortillas.

        While others I've brought there have had some misfires (overly battered scallops, somewhat uninspiring duck enchiladas) every dish I've ordered at Mole has been a refreshing surprise, from the Octopus Ceviche (so tender, fresh, and salty) to the Pescado a la Veracruzana (lightly battered, marinated in tomato-onion-lime salsa and topped with 3 jumbo shrimp).


        It's still BYOB for now, and the place is really starting to pack in the crowds (it pains me to guide even more traffic into its tiny interior), but the pibil plate I had was decadent - definitely worth the $16 price tag.

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      1. Go to Senor Lopez on Michigan Ave, a few blocks West of Livernois. They'll usually bring a free sample cochinita pibil taco before you order. It's a great spot for lunch-- the taco special was under $4 when I was there.