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Aug 24, 2007 09:07 AM

separate boards for Baltimore and Washington?

I am not sure this is the right place, and maybe someone has suggested this before, but I feel like the Baltimore traffic is enough to have its own board? I get frustrated that people don't write whether they are posting for DC or Baltimore in their titles. I get excited about a new restaurant, but then I read it is DC.

I guess another solution would be to ask people on that board to start their post with either DC - <your topic here> or Balto <your topic here>. If I post this suggestion on the DC/Baltimore board, would you keep it up (even though it is not about food necessarily)?

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  1. NO!!! Please don't go away!! The Baltimore area posters add so much to the area board. Especially about local fish, crabs and seafood and the places between our two cities. More and more people live between the two cities and our suburbs are merging. So many local Delmarva natives, who really know the area, post on the board and add some genuine knowledge of this region's food scene. I enjoy it a great deal.

    For many who live in downtown DC, we can get to Baltimore or Annapolis more quickly than we can get to some of the suburban restaurants mentioned and often have no idea about the locations posters are talking about. It's equally difficult for some of the CHs who live in the suburbs who hate coming into DC and never do. The city seems as foreign to them as it seems to you.
    It's a big geographic area but no larger than Los Angeles or the SF Bay area. They complain too but cope.
    I wish that more people - from Baltimore and the DC Metro area - would make use of the site BETA function, which would solve a lot of problems. I try hard to use it but I can't be the Beta police for everybody else.

    I'm not very worried about losing you folks in Charm City. If Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, and a lot of really major cities don't have their own boards, you probably don't have a prayer anyway.

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    1. re: MakingSense

      If no separate board, maybe we are back to trying to standardize the posting titles. There was a just a request for advice about happy hour food and it wasn't clear which city the person was asking about.

      Could we get a permanent message at the top like the one that is locked to try to get people to start identifying what they are asking about in the title of their post?

      1. re: a70wilson

        I think that's a great idea - not just for the DC Metro/Balt Board either. There are always complaints on other boards because people can't even identify the STATE that somebody is referring to. E.g. the South or the Midwest are big places and there are lots of towns with the same names.
        Doesn't help if somebody says that a place is on Rt. 50 which runs from Ocean City to the Blue Ridge mountains.

        Maybe a simple permanent message at the top "Please identify DC or MD in your post" so people didn't have to open it would help. Not sure how many people actually read the "Etiquette, etc." Moderators have to decide if they want to try that.

        1. re: MakingSense

          We're looking at improving the top of board sticky posts across the board in the near future.

          -- Jacquilynne, Community Manager for Chowhound

    2. Yea I think posting titles being clearer is better than splitting the boards. In another thread on the same topic I and other writers noted it would be hard to draw a line because there are many areas that are suburbs of both cities like: Frederick, Laurel, Columbia, Annapolis, Severna Park, Bowie, etc. And the fact that the cities are growing together so fast and there are so many commuters back and forth now make having a dual board really nice. I having lived in several different areas around the DC/Balt area appreciate all the threads being together.

      But I agree on posting title thread lament. That is one of my major pet peeves, that and people not reading the topics or what other people have already written. But OCD me will get over that for the sake of all the good people who do.

      Thanks Jacquilynne.

      1. While I sort of zone out regarding the higher end restaurants often discussed on the DC-corner of our modest board, I love the stuff on the ethnic Asian (esp. Chinese and Vietnamese), and Ethiopian reviews/queries on the DC/Baltimore board. (Really, though, for the sake of alphabetization, can it please be Baltimore/DC? ;-)))

        As someone who used to commute between the two cities, I found the fact that the board included a big area incredibly helpful. I'm certainly not the only one who took that grueling commute on the MARC.

        Anyway, my 2 cents, but I do agree that people really need to put the location they are looking for in detail (MoCo, NOVA, Towson, Baltimore, etc.) in the subject line.

        1. Hear hear. I am sick of getting excited about something only to see that it is in Baltimore. I do not go to Baltimore.

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            1. re: SIviyo

              Don't make sense. Go to Bmore. Experience something new and exciting.

              1. re: viperlush

                Can you pick me up? :) I'm seriously not going to go to Baltimore to try something new. There are ample restaurants in DC and its burbs. And the folks I know in Baltimore (see tapas girl, below) don't regularly schlep to DC. And if any of us were going to venture out we could search that board. Don't get me wrong- I love Baltimore- but I don't live there.

            2. They should be separated. I mean if you're browsing about for a Saturday night excursion you're really not going to drive to Baltimore (or the other way around) for a dinner night out.

              If you want to go to learn about Baltimore restaurants than you would go to the separate boards for there, and likewise for DC. A Baltimore/Annapolis combo board makes more sense than DC & Balt. I'm from DC and we simply don't go to Balt for a night out!

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              1. re: lukeinva

                I live in DC and am much more likely to go to Baltimore/Annapolis than to Vienna VA. I've never even been to some places in the VA suburbs like Reston. It's an easy drive up to Charm City from downtown DC.

                1. re: lukeinva

                  and how about Columbia and Laurel?

                  1. re: jes

                    Indeed. As someone who lives near south of BWI and works in Annapolis and has a BF that works in Lanham and makes frequent plans with friends who live in Columbia, Arlington and Jessup...separating the boards would be seriously frustrating.