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Aug 24, 2007 08:58 AM

Clyde's Wood Fired BBQ

So I stopped by the old Greg's BBQ location on 147th and Lake City Way (might be Bothell Way by that point), which has now been converted to Clyde's Wood Fired BBQ.

It was "meh", if that.

Clyde goes with a "Louisiana-style" of Q, which in my experience tends to be a little rougher around the edges, with meats that aren't as juicy, but powerfully (overwhelmingly?) smoky, and sauces that go more for the heavy than the sweet (I'm a Memphis, sweet BBQ lover). His was no different.

I got the ribs and brisket two-way combo. Wasn't particularly impressed.
Brisket was dry, and in my opinion oversmoked (that may be your thing...). Not the lovely soft and tender stuff I love.
Ribs weren't meaty and were a bit tough.

Cornbread was delicious though. And I wish I'd tried the mac & cheese.
They had greens the day I went too, and I'm kickin myself for missing that.

I'll probably go back and give the pulled pork a try and I'll probably head back for more brisket, since BBQ is often tempermental and impossible to judge in one visit, especially when it's actually done over wood as Clyde does it. I'll see how that goes before writing it off as another "Seattle BBQ" place.

Overall, I miss Greg's... alot...

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  1. how would you rate Gordy's BBQ in North Bend? (not a pure BBQ joint, but...)