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Aug 24, 2007 08:56 AM

24 hours in Santa Monica what to eat?

I'm just here for a quick stay, I'm near Ashland and Main, and I don't have a car. Looking for interesting places to eat that I can walk/run/bus/or cab tonight and tomorrow. I lke spicy and ethnic food in particular, a Korean restaurant would be fantastic (although, something less on the bbq meat side because, although I eat meat, not so much). Also someone told me I can bus from Santa Monica to an old main street downtown with a row of huge boarded up movie theatres and a great fresh market with food stands for Mexican food. Old movie theatres and Mexican food sounds good too. Any ideas are welcome.

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  1. I don't know the bus route, but you're talking about Broadway downtown. It's an awesome street, with the Grand Central Market on one end and the Orpheum Theatre at the other end. I highly suggest shopping and eating at the Market and wandering down the street westbound and checking out the architecture.

    1. For dinner there's Musha on Wilshire, between 4th and 5th. Great Japanese pub food, casual and fun atmosphere, and reasonably priced. Be sure to order the pork belly.
      For Mexican try Tacos Por Favor on Olympic at 14th. The chorizo and cheese tacos are delicious and spicy.

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        Love tacos por favor, but note that is a dive that I think is only open for lunch. For dinner, why don't you stay where you are and go to Via Veneto on Main Street, or Piccolo at 5 Dudley in Venice. The bus from SM to downtown could take at least an hour each way, probably more. Chaya Venice on Main is pretty good and since you don't love meat so much, why not try Real Food Daily, a Vegan restaurant near the Third Street Promenade?

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          I absolutely love Via Veneto on Main. Also, it's within walking distance from Ashland, isn't it?
          I think Tacos Por Favor is open until 8.

      2. Library Alehouse and World Cafe for casual fare right there
        a cab ride to Jiraffe or Josie
        not too far from Cora's Coffee Shop either