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Aug 24, 2007 08:49 AM

Japanese Pickles

Where in SF's Japantown, or nearby, do they sell Japanese Pickles? I was interested in buying pickles that were'nt artificially or at least obviously colored, sweetened, made up. I can buy eggplant, takuan,wakame salad, what else?
On the same note, which vegetables can I buy to take home and make a tsukemono with. Thank you

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  1. Try the deli refrigerator section of Nijiya Supermarket. There's one in SF Japantown.
    They also sell various Japanese vegetables (some grown on their own organic farms in Southern California) that you may be able to make tsukemono with (like eggplant, cucumber/kyori for sure but maybe not from their farms, organic daikon, mizuno etc).

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      And don't forget a lot of Japanese chefs in older authentic restaurants make their own tsukemono as well.


    2. salted cabbage with togadshi (Japanese pepper flakes). You can sometimes find Japanese pickles at 99 ranch as well. There is a Maui brand daikon pickle that is all natural and very good. I think you can only find it at Japanese markets.

      1. you may also want to try uoki sakai market. they always have a good selection of whatever i need (beni imo and even matsutake when they're in season). they also have those maui brand pickles mentioned in another reply (btw, japanese pepper flakes are "togarashi").

        you can basically pickle any vegetable as far as i know... joi ito (google for him and "nukamiso") wrote up a good nukazuke making guide a while back.

        btw, "tsuke" means pickle and the "tsu" phoneme transforms into "zu" if placed after a noun. i.e. nuka-tsuke = nuka-zuke.

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          Sakai K Uoki Co
          1656 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115

        2. A recipe for home made Japanese pickles has been moved to the Home Cooking board, here: