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Aug 24, 2007 08:40 AM

best afternoon drinks around NYU/West Village

I'm going out for an early dinner at Otto tomorrow, would like to get some drinks in that general area beforehand. So many of the places around there are obnoxious and/or overpriced-- any little gems that I might have missed? I'm up for good cocktails, craft beer, or just a nice tavern with great atmosphere. Don't want to do to much walking as I'm recovering from a sprained ankle, so anything within 10-15 minutes of Otto would be ideal.

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  1. I love sipping margaritas outside Mercadito Grove, which is only an avenue away. I hear Agave is equally good, though I haven't been. Before it starts to get campy, I think the Duplex is also a fine neighborhood establishment.

    1. You will find good Belgian beers like Leff Blonde and Chimay on tap at Vol de Nuit on West 4th between 6th Ave. and MacDougal. It's a solid spot.

      I have also read good things about the Dove on Thompson (W. 3rd/Bleecker), but I have not been yet.

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        I second Vol de Nuit -- otherwise known as the Belgian Beer Bar. McSorley's is a bit of a hike from Otto.

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          I can vouch for The Dove. Great atmosphere, terrific drinks and prices are reasonable.

        2. go to McSorley's dates back to19th century. Women weren';t allowed in there until the 70's i think. It's at 15 East 7th St. a NYC landmark that is trendy ,totally not romantic but fun

          1. Have you been to V-Bar on Sullivan near W. 4th? They have a nice selection of craft beers (and a few good wines), served in a laid-back, coffeehouse-ish atmosphere that's very pleasant for drinking. It's teeny and gets crowded later in the evening, but pre-dinner drinks would probably be fine, here.

            1. McSorley's is great, but maybe a bit far on that ankle. I'd vote for V-Bar or the Dove.