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best afternoon drinks around NYU/West Village

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I'm going out for an early dinner at Otto tomorrow, would like to get some drinks in that general area beforehand. So many of the places around there are obnoxious and/or overpriced-- any little gems that I might have missed? I'm up for good cocktails, craft beer, or just a nice tavern with great atmosphere. Don't want to do to much walking as I'm recovering from a sprained ankle, so anything within 10-15 minutes of Otto would be ideal.

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  1. I love sipping margaritas outside Mercadito Grove, which is only an avenue away. I hear Agave is equally good, though I haven't been. Before it starts to get campy, I think the Duplex is also a fine neighborhood establishment.

    1. You will find good Belgian beers like Leff Blonde and Chimay on tap at Vol de Nuit on West 4th between 6th Ave. and MacDougal. It's a solid spot.

      I have also read good things about the Dove on Thompson (W. 3rd/Bleecker), but I have not been yet.

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        I second Vol de Nuit -- otherwise known as the Belgian Beer Bar. McSorley's is a bit of a hike from Otto.

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          I can vouch for The Dove. Great atmosphere, terrific drinks and prices are reasonable.

        2. go to McSorley's dates back to19th century. Women weren';t allowed in there until the 70's i think. It's at 15 East 7th St. a NYC landmark that is trendy ,totally not romantic but fun

          1. Have you been to V-Bar on Sullivan near W. 4th? They have a nice selection of craft beers (and a few good wines), served in a laid-back, coffeehouse-ish atmosphere that's very pleasant for drinking. It's teeny and gets crowded later in the evening, but pre-dinner drinks would probably be fine, here.

            1. McSorley's is great, but maybe a bit far on that ankle. I'd vote for V-Bar or the Dove.