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Aug 24, 2007 08:25 AM

River Cafe, Brooklyn...any opinions?!

......Does anyone have any opinions about celebrating a very special event at THE RIVER CAFE in Brooklyn, New York......have had a few different comments and need feedback asap. Many thanks! Not sure if this is the right place for this message?! Joey

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  1. You didn't say how many people would attend this event. Might help in giving you comments. The River Café has great views (especially if you get a table by the window). It is a very comfortable place with excellent service. The drinks are pretty good. The food is competent but not spectacular. The biggest negative is that the food is not up to the prices charged. You are paying for the atmosphere.

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      thank you! we are just 6 and apparently will have a table in the middle somewhere. Have heard tat food is no good-hence my questioning as thought the location would be a fun the food really bad?!

      1. re: joeybieber

        I don't know where you saw (or how you interpreted) that the food is bad. In fact, the food is quite good. But it is not spectacular or particularly memorable and it is expensive enough that you might think it should be. As I said before, the mark-up is for the atmosphere. And yes, the view from a table in the middle is still special. Finally, the River Café is a very nice spot for a group of six. Enjoy.

    2. I was at the River Cafe when I visited NYC in late April this year and I absolutely adored it. The food was wonderful, view gorgeous, and the wine went down well. I've heard mixed reviews as well - but my experience was fantastic. We were a group of 25 and had booked a really nice room (and had the patio to ourselves) and I had the most amazing steak I have ever had. I would highly recommend it at least... Good luck!

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        great! Hope we are so lucky.......! Thank you!

      2. You can arrive by auto at the entrance, walk through an assault of wonderful flowers and plants, then to be seated having one of the best views a restaurant can offer in NYC. You will be so hyped up with all that I mentioned anything less than an A+ for the food could be accepted and handled by relaxing and enjoying the view.

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          thank you! What did you eat? Can you enjoy the view if not by the window?

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            Steve R, thanks for posting this link. There was also a longer, more recent thread on the Manhattan Board. Joeybieber you might want to do a search and see what else comes up. I think I posted after we went for dinner.

          2. River Cafe is a unique experience.

            It is a wonderful place to celebrate a special event, or just have a wonderful, memorable evening.

            The ambiance is elegant, the view spectacular, and the food , wine, and service are excellent.

            I have been dining there ever since they opened. We celebrated my parents' anniversary, family birthdays, graduations and birthdays.

            Now we go for a romantic evening for two, for a great drink, or for dessert and coffee after a concert. We always take special friends visiting NY. My in-laws just visited for a week, and they loved River Cafe.

            This is fine dining. The food is very delicious, and beautifully prepared and served.

            A table in the middle is just fine.

            I'm hoping you will have a memorable time. We always do.

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