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Aug 24, 2007 08:07 AM

Smoothie Maker?

I have long thought the Smoothie Maker must be one of the most useless appliances. Why not just use the blender? However, one of my co-workers brought her daily smoothie to work this week in a travel-type mug that the smoothie was made in! Snap on the lid....out the door. She swears by it. I never make smoothies for breakfast on a work day because I don't keep my blender on the counter, and it is sort of a pain to clean. The smoothie maker is smaller than the blender and would fit on the counter. Hers is a Back to Basics that she got at Costco, but our Costco apparently doesn't carry them anymore. Does anyone have any comments on using a smoothie blender, brand preference, and place to buy?

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  1. It's callet the bullet and you can get at Wal-Mart and it also has cups that attatch and does all things(chop,grind,make smoothies ect. I got one as a gift but opted to continue to use my chrome cuisinart blender, but heard they are excellent, enjoy!

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      Everyone I know who has gotten the Bullet has returned it. Apparently they don't last long. I have heard good things about the Back to Basic line, but want to hear from some chowhounds. I know I can use my blender, but it is a pain to clean. I like the idea of one of the models of Back to Basics of making the smoothy in a to-go cup.

    2. I have had a Tribest Personal Blender for several years that is the same concept and very sturdy- I love it, especially for traveling-
      At home I have a Vita-Mix. We do smoothies daily for breakfast and snacks