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Aug 24, 2007 07:59 AM

Minneapolis Champagne Brunch


I recently moved to the Minneapolis area and was trying to find out if anyone could recommend a good champagne brunch. I'm not picky about atmosphere, buffet vs. sitdown, or location, but free flowing champagne and good food are a must.


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    1. How would people rate the brunch at 20.21? I have been wanting to try it for awhile.

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        I like the brunch at 20.21 even though it is buffet. They do a good job of keeping the portions small and turning over quickly and the Bellini's are very good as is the stuffed french toast and Benedict (non-trad).

        For dinner I like it as they have a 3 course tasting menu for $20.21 and their pastry chef is awesome. However the service seems complacent at times and the wine list, while very good, is amongst the most marked-up in the city.

      2. I've been to Nicollet Island Inn, Forepaugh's and St. Paul Grille.

        St Paul Grill was the most recent hot find. Style is to order one menu item (I had a FABULOUS crabcake) & you get the hugest stickiest caramel roll, champagne (or mimosa), a big plate of fruit, and your entree -- all for a good price.

        Nicollet Island Inn is especially nice, but if you live for dessert like me you'll be wayy too full by the time you get there. It's the fanciest of the 3.

        Forepaugh's is a good value and fun b/c it's in an old house, but the menu is smallish and hasn't changed for like a year and a half. Maybe it's bc the choices are especially good.

        I like them all for their own reasons.