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Aug 24, 2007 07:59 AM

Looking for restaurant around BCE area

I'm meeting a friend for dinner this evening and we decided to meet at BCE.

I'm looking for a relatively quiet place we can chat, have some drinks and enjoy a good meal. Not looking for super expensive but don't expect cheap either. Any places in the vicinity of BCE that would fit the bill??


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  1. Le Petit Dejeuner on King at Jarvis.

    1. If you like sushi, I had a really nice lunch last week at Takesushi which is just west of Yonge on Front, around the corner from BCE.
      Acqua, which is in BCE, is stuck in a time warp, decor-wise. Food is generally passable, not fantastic, not overly expensive and it is a quiet place to drink and talk (I like the bar area for that).

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        i second takesushi - consistently good sushi and quiet environment