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Aug 24, 2007 07:56 AM

Carroll Gardens: New to the neighborhood. . .what are my staples?

Looking for:

Wine Shop (Currently digging Smith and Vine's $10 and under table)
Bread Shop

Thai (Nine-D was pretty tasty)
Latin (Can be Mexican, South American, etc.)

Casual Meals:
New American
Everything Else?

Nice Dinner Out:
Heavy hitting neighborhood restaurants (Good wine, food and ambiance)

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  1. For casual meals, Frankie's 457 for really good Italian and Joya for solid, though unspectacular Thai. They both have great atmosphere, IMO.

    1. General-purpose butcher: Los Paisanos, Smith @ Bergen (not Carroll Gardens, technically, but within walking distance)
      Pork, sausage, prepared Italian dishes, etc.: Esposito & Sons, Court @ President
      Wine shop: Smith and Vine is great, but try Scotto's on Court Street (b/w Degraw and Sackett) as well
      Bakery/bread shop: Mazzola, Henry @ Union

      Welcome to the neighborhood!

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      1. re: brooklynr

        I second Mazzola. Try the lard bread, amazingly delicious!

        1. re: prunefeet

          We bought some lard breads and a semolina twist from the new Cammerari/ Monteleone partnership on Court (very friendly, very nice place) and have been eating them all weekend wondering why we didnt go the 2 blocks to Mazzola instead. No comparison... very little taste from these. Oh well. Mazzola's, definitely.

          1. re: Steve R

            I just can't see improving upon Mazzola's lard bread somehow!

      2. Welcome to the neighborhood. Can't speak to every category, but here are some thoughts:

        Wine shop: agree re Scotto's though I like Smith & Vine

        Delivery: Em Thai, Zaytoons, Chicory & Pita Grill (for salads or turkey burgers) are my staples. Joya is good too but sometimes hard to get through on the phone.

        Casual meals: Paninoteca, Cafe Cubana, Cube 63 (best sushi in hood in my opinion, a touch pricier than some but worth it) (all of the above deliver)

        Nice dinner out: Lunetta is my favorite of late (not v. expensive, but a little pricier than most in the hood); Chestnut.

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        1. re: LJW

          Good list from LJW.

          Smith and Vine is my standby choice.

          For delivery, I'd add Chance for dim sum, Layla Jones for pizza.

          Casual meals, Chance works well too in this category. Sample for small plates of cheese, meats, wine.

          Nice dinner - Lunetta is a favorite of ours too, but we also like the new Po, Frankies, Saul.

          Burgers - I've had good ones at Apt 138, Bar Tabac, Waterfront.

          Closest great steak i know of is Convivium Osteria, not a bad walk on a nice day.

          1. re: LJW

            Cafe Cubana has a great Cuban Sandwich. Super delicious and their prices are right.

          2. Osaka on Court is worth checking out too. There have been some mixed reviews on here, but most of the bad reports are from people who don't like the sushi. But Osaka's strength is their prepared hot dishes. Go for the appetizers and entress and you'll see why they are a Michellin Recommended restaurant. (The sushi isn't bad, but it's not the best and a little too Americanized in portion size.)

            272 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

            1. Province En Boite on Smith has wonderful pasties too. It's a great place for coffee and a patry in the morning. I haven't had their meals, but the place is nice and the staff was very friendly.

              272 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

              Provence en Boite
              263 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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              1. re: sgwood415

                Just a word about Province en Boite. I went to their brunch recently. The food was really tasty--very fresh salad with nice lettuce, pancakes with fresh berries. But you'd better not be too hungry. The portions are delicately sized. I think you're supposed to order multiple courses.