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Aug 24, 2007 07:51 AM

Road Trip - heading to Boston from Houston ...

Mother & son on first road trip ever.

Need help in planning pit stops along our route traveling through Louisiana, Mississippi (I-59N), Alabama, Georgia ((I-459N) toward Chattanooga, (I-24 E), Knoxville (I-40E), TN.

Good chow will be our holy grail as we u-haul it to Boston.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Noticed your post on the New Orleans board but thought tthis was a more proper place to should arrange lunch--or at least pick-up-to-go-and-eat Archibald's in Northport, AL (which is essentially Tuscaloosa) Ignore Dreamland. Archie's is just across the river from T-loosa on MLK Blvd. I think it is the second right after crossing the bridge and you jog left then right onto MLK but just stop at any gas station right there and they'll tell you where it is (I just "feel"my way there. I always bring a few pounds back to Louisiana when I'm there and it gets rave reviews.

    Years ago I'd have said stop at Weidmann's in Meridian MS but it is a sham today and does not even look the same. Who wants pecan-encrusted mahi-mahi in Mississippi?

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      I am so sorry to hear about Weidmann's. For some years, it was my "fine-dining" experience, but that was nearly half a century ago. We still have a "peanut butter jar" from there, and several family members are/were displayed on the walls.

      I have not been there in decades, but the last stop - breakfast, was still worth the effort. I guess that Thomas Wolfe was correct, "you can never go home again... "

      Sorry to hear the sad news,


    2. One spot that I had not thought of, on the NO board is Catfish Charlie's, basically in Hammond, LA. It's between Pontchatoula and Hammond, and off the "beaten path," so Middendorf's would probably be a better choice, if one were to do the I-10 to I-55 to I-12 to I-59 New Orleans bypass. Having done some U-haul trecks, mostly for good friends, I know the problems of fitting, even a 16' box into "downtown" traffic.

      I hate to say, but all of the recs. that I would have made years ago, are probably no longer in business, or, like Weidman's, not worth the effort. We used to do several trips per year from NOLA to about DC, but nearly always took the backroads, which are less conducive to making time in a truck.

      Have a safe and happy trip, and I hope that you get some great recs. I'll be watching, to see what has changed, and what is new, as I used to know part of your journey.


      1. Many thanks for your replies and good advice.