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Aug 24, 2007 07:43 AM

Road Trip - heading to Boston from Houston ...

Our route takes us through Louisiana toward Hammond, Hattiesburg (I-59N) passing through Mississippi, Alabama. I need suggestions for good chow ... as that is the only thing that will get my son and I through our first ever road trip as we U-Haul it to Boston. Departing early Monday, 8/27.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. For traffic reasons, you might want to think about doing I-10 to I-55 (stopping at Middendorf's for seafood along the way) to I-12 to I-59. New Orleans, while it has great food, and some not too far off of I-10, it does have traffic - plenty of traffic.


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      Where is Middendorf's and what should I know about it?

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        Middendorf's is this great seafood restaurant at the west end of Lake Pontchartrain. Easy exit from I-12 and you'll be there around lunch time.
        Another six hours will get you to Tuscaloosa. Half way through Alabama. Cheap motels if you choose to stop. A Chinese restaurant at the McFarland exit in back of La Quinta isn't bad and was one of our stops when we made the NOLA to east TN drive every other week.
        Six more hours and you're in or near Knoxville. I'd recommend Puleo's at the Strawberry Plains exit east of town on I-40 ,,pulling a uhaul means you don't want to do a lot of wandering.

        If you need a place to stop, with pull throughs for the uhaul, Craker Barrels are easy on and off the interstate and their vegetable plates may provide a good alternative to fried everything, even though they are a chain.

        Six hours northeast of Knoxville takes you well into the valley of Virginia. And I'll hope others can help you there. My options are pricier and off the beaten trail.

        1. re: shallots

          Following I-81 north from Knoxville, head to Bristol, TN on the VA border and treat yourselves to [a pricey, but worth it] dinner at The Troutdale Dining Room. I first knew the place when it was IN Troutdale (VA) many years ago... They've only gotten better.

        2. re: ddavis

          You'll love the seafood, and be sure to order dessert. Last time I was there I had delicious pecan pie.

      2. And so you can afford some of the better restaurants, some of the cheaper gas stops.
        Coming from NOLA, we would aim for Georgia for cheaper gas; it's gone up a bit, so the gas stations at Hattiesburg (north side of town) and then the stops at Rising Fawn in Georgia are often still the best.
        Going into Viriginia, the truck stops just east of Wyteville are often the best prices for hundreds of miles.
        On up the valley, if it's lunch time, south of Staunton, there's an excellent Swiss restaurant.
        Going north, we avoid as much of the NYC sprawl (and toll roads) as possible and go to Scranton and then east. Milford has a good, simple Italian restaurant in a pretty old town. And some charming old but very clean motels.

        We did the move to TN from NOLA with UHauls (multiple trips). Try to plan to avoid bad thunderstorms. Also avoid rush hours. Chattanooga's is nasty and there's no viable alternative. For Knoxville, TAKE I-640. The other (I-40) is under construction.
        All of the welcome centers south of PA have drive throughs for trucks and are much easier to stop at than city streets.
        Good luck.

        1. Thank you all so much ... specially for the driving tips ; ))