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Aug 24, 2007 07:26 AM

Other Brennan Restaurants

I see my positive posts regarding Commanders, many poor reviews of Brennan's, soso commentary on Mr. B's, but what about the many other Brennan restaurants in New Orleans. Any thoughts or reviews on Palace Cafe, Cafe Adelaide, Bourbon House, Dickies, and Red Fish?

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  1. Pre-K, I had several great meals at Palace Cafe (small parties and some very large ones), and one really poor meal/service at Dickie B's. A family member did a stint in the kitchen at Dickie B's and begged me to try it again, as much had changed. I never had the time to go back, so I don't know if my experience was a fluke. Had two really good meals at Mr B's, but again, too long ago to be of any use now.

    Haven't done Brennan's in too many years to comment, and have not done Redfish. Our server, at Ralph's, was very high on Redfish, and he seemed to know his stuff, even if he was part of the operation. He offered a lot of insight into some of the Brennan-family spots, as well as many others in NO. I really appreciated his thoughts, and the time that he took to offer them, even while serving a room-full at brunch.


    1. Don't forget Bacco

      Bacco - has a killer deal for lunch in the summer - you can eat good for very little $$$ -and i really like the location/decor

      I stand by B's - but it's best for Brunch/Lunch - there are too many places that out do it for dinner - and dinners there can be filled with tourists. It used to get rated best power lunch spot annually.

      Dickie's - again heavy competition - im loyal to Ruth's
      RedFish - i personally can't stand - but I'm not fond of dining on Bourbon
      Same goes for Bourbon house...although the atmosphere is much better
      Commanders - what really needs to be said here - it's a classic
      Palace - has it's signature dishes that you can't deny - and one of the only places left to get turtle soup
      Adelaide - I'm loving lately - I've had some stand out meals/service from their chef Danny Trace - Vizzard did not do the place justice so people who dined there before maybe need to try again.

      Brennans - i barely put this in competition with the others because this part of the family doesn't associate itself with the others...they are on their's too touristy for I stay away...but i hear brunch is great. I'd rather get my banana's foster from Palace.

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        Commander's Palace is not a part of the rest of the Brennan empire, either. I believe it and Adelaide (as in Ti Adelaide) are run by the same wing of the family.

        From Ralph Brennan's website:
        Ralph Brennan is the owner and operator of Red Fish Grill, BACCO , Ralph’s on the Park. Ralph is a co-owner of Mr. B’s Bistro, Commander’s Palace.

        So I see he's part owner of CP, but Lally Martin and Ti Brennan are the managing partners.

        Dickie Brennan runs Bourbon House, Palace Cafe and DB's steakhouse. He's the one that the rest of the family is trying to stop from using the name, I think. Surely there's an article somewhere that sorts the whole thing out.

        Also, FWIW, I was not impressed with Palace Cafe, and my darling husband refuses to take me to Mr. B's, describing it as a glorified Copeland's. I'd stick with Commander's or possibly Adelaide out of the above list.

        1. re: JGrey

          Commanders & Adelaide are run by Lally & Ti.

          Brennan's and Mr. B's are OK.
          Commander's, Adelaide, Ralph's, Palace are AWESOME.
          Haven't yet been to the Bourbon House/Red Fish/Dickie B's.

      2. I've tried both the Palace Cafe and Brennan's post-K and found them terrific! The crabmeat cheesecake, turtle soup and white chocolate cheesecake are among the best dishes I've eaten in the city--ever.
        As for Brennan's, their turtle soup, eggs hussarde and crepes fitzgerald are wonderful!

        1. Another vote for the crab cheesecake at the Palace Cafe--one of my all-time favorite dishes. Come to think of it, I like just about everything they serve there.

          1. Commander's and Adelaide are very good. Bourbon House: good oyster bar, but disappointing (AKA greasy, bready and salty) fried seafood served with a 1000 Island dressing-type "sauce" (not that fried food should be used as a benchmark - or maybe it should -but its lousiness precluded return visits from me to try other stuff.) Redfish Grill is sorta corporate, like a New Orleans McCormick and Schmick. I have found Mr. B's through the years to be dependable and consistent, not a gourmet "destination" restaurant but a nice spot to "come home to" for some gumbo and crab cakes. Brennan's exists mostly for tourists, I think.