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Aug 24, 2007 07:21 AM

KC - Canning jars?

Seeing all the little cucumbers, I'm inspired to make refrigerator pickles. However, I don't want to make a bushel of refrigerator pickles, and I'm not really a canner. Any idea where I can buy just a few canning jars? The couple of stores I've been to just sell them by dozen (or more).

Is this something I can get at Prydes? A restaurant supply?

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  1. Heather-I'm not in KC, but I'd suggest a thrift store if you just want a couple. That was how I started canning. I didn't want a ton in case I didn't want to keep doing it. Good luck!

    1. I know Target has packs of 4 of the small, squat size (pint?), but I'm not sure on larger jars. Those small ones would probably be too small for pickles.

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      1. re: Katie Nell

        Probably at a SuperTarget? I only have an original recipe Target near me.

        1. re: heatherkay

          Yeah, probably- I haven't been to a regular Target in a while.

      2. Some thoughts -
        an old fashioned hardware place (Ace, maybe) that has the kitchen section
        Pryde's or Function Juncion
        Maybe an organic food place
        Otherwise..keep you eye out at estate and garage sales for the supplies

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        1. re: stellamystar

          Of course a hardware store! Don't know why I didn't think of that. I'll swing by Strasser on my way home from work.

          If all else fails, I have a canning friend who said I could borrow some of hers.

          1. re: heatherkay

            I'm afraid of trying canning (an irrational fear borne out of laziness) but I use the wide mouth jars for storing all sorts of things with my Fresh-Saver like coffee beans, spaghetti sauce (to put in freezer) etc. So if you have to get a dozen at Pricechopper, Hyvee or any major supermarket, you can always use the jars for bulk storage. They often kept in very weird places like next to automotive, home repair, roach traps section of the supermarket.