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Aug 24, 2007 07:17 AM

Best BBQ in Miami

Where do you all go when you need your bbq fix? I live in the Gables, so Shorty's is a frequent stop and pretty damn good. Have ventured out to the People's bbq, and found the sides better than the meat itself. Where do you all go? Any holes in the wall down south? Anything worth a drive or in southern Broward County?

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  1. In south Broward there's a place (I don't remember the name) either on US 1 or Ocean between Young's Circle and 17th Street causeway, close to Las Olas on the east side of the street (you CAN'T miss it -- look for the smoke stack and the black clouds of goodness pouring out!). Southern authentic goodies; group seating (picnic table sort of things); ALWAYS PACKED, so bring a lunch for while you wait.OR, you can just call your order in in advance) Best BBQ n earth. Cash only. Collards and hush puppies to die for. It's worth the drive, even if you live in Orlando.

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      That'll be Tom Jenkins 1236 S Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale

      I like Beach BBQ too - 1555 Washington Ave. Miami Beach. We get the whacked pork plate - onion rings - "piggy sauce"

      mmmmmmmmm - Now I'm hungry.


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        that place is in ft. lauderdalr on u.s.1 or federal highway n of 17 st . it is call ed Tom Jenkins bbq all is great but the mac and cheese rock.does anyone know of a good lunch place in the art/design district n of u. of miami that is open mon. for lunch?

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          Fratelli Lyon
          4141 Northeast 2nd Avenue
          Miami, FL 33137
          (305) 572-2901

          Fratelli Lyon
          4141 NE 2nd Ave. #101A, Miami, FL 33137

      2. Some very good recommendations are on the following post:
        (The Pit is my favorite)

        1. Have had Beach BBQ twice this week, and I am a dietitian...enough said ;-)

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            I vote for "The Pit" personally. Shorty's was better before they burned.

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              Gotta say I just had the brisket there and really enjoyed it.

            2. The best ribs I have eaten in the MIA are at Lucy's. NW119th St and 22nd Ave. Pay inside pickup your bones outside, get in your car and GO HOME! Unless of course you feel comfy chowing down there that is.

              Tom Jenkin's on US1 in Broward is good too as is Jack's on Oakland Park Blvd. Southern style at Georgia Pig, also in Broward. Some people love Scrubby's up in Broward too.

              And I must say this, I saw a couple Cuban BBQ's recently in Hialeah, which I have not tried, but looked stupendous!

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                Netmover, have you had a chance to try the Cuban BBQ places in Hialeah?

                At the moment, I can think of The Pit and BBQ Beach being the top places in Miami-Dade, judging by the reviews. But I've not tried either, yet. I've been hankering for BBQ lately, so I'm curious which I should go to (or perhaps some other location - People's BBQ, Shorty's, Koky's, etc).

                I know Uncle Tom's hasn't gotten favorable reviews, but my interest in that BBQ place got piqued after I saw a picture of them having an entire pig in a caja china!

              2. Before you go much further...You have to decide what "real bbq" is.....By most accounts..."real bbq" is meat that's been smoked at very low temperatures for long periods of time....A brisket or pork shoulder would be cooked at 225 - 250 degrees for 16 to 18+ hours and that's what most aficionados consider to be "real bbq".....Shorty's and The Pit...both places I like and frequent....offer....primarily grilled meats....not "real bbq" per se.....Love the pork from the Cuban "caja china"...but it's not "real bbq" per se....It has a steamed texture and is tasty....very it....But not "real bbq" in the way meats are prepared in Texas or the Carolinas....OK?

                There are very, very few "real bbq" places...Understand that Tom Jenkins is good and would like to try....Would like to try Beach BBQ as well......The meats at Renegade BBQ at the Seminole Hardrock are indeed smoked for long periods and the brisket and ribs there are reasonably good and worth a try.....As restaurant BBQ goes....Smokey Bones wasn't bad but that was before Pillsbury / General Foods pulled the plug and brought them back as Red Lobsters......Oh, happy day!....LOL......

                Looking to try new places....but "REAL BBQ" isn't easy to find in these parts.......


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                  I agree. The guy at Beach BBQ cooks the meat for 14 hours. It's real. some more talk here:

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                    EMac it's been three years since you've made this post. Have you found any good BBQ contenders I'm looking for a new BBQ place to try