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Aug 24, 2007 06:58 AM

Anyone been to PJ's Steakhouse in Forest Hills

Anyone? Anyone?

My SO and I were coming back from dinner last weekend and stopped in to see the menu and check out what the place looked like. Very nicely appointed inside and the menu is classic steakhouse. The prices are what you'd expect for a steakhouse but a little less because after all it's Forest Hills. But still, a meal with a few courses and wine would be about $150-$175, all in. I'm not opposed to paying this much for a fantastic meal but I want it to be just that - fantastic.

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  1. I recommend it. I was there recently, mainly because I remember when it used to be Backdrafts so I was a little curious. I had the steak, creamed spinach, masked potatoes, the bacon wrapped scallops, the crab legs salad, the shrimp cocktail, I have to tell you it was definately well worth the money. I was not dissapointed with anything. The portions weren't too big but its about quality not quantity. I recommend it!

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      I also would recommend PJ's. It is a good addition to the Forest Hills restaurant scene. My wife and I recently tried PJ's and were impressed. We have both tried numerous steakhouses in Manhattan and PJ's compare favorably to some of the best that we have tried. When we were there, the restaurant and bar were very busy and the food was excellent. I didn't feel that it was over-priced for the meal that they were serving. The steaks were of the highest quality and non-steak entrees looked good as well. The appetizer and dessert choices were also very appealing (try the baked bananas -- you won't regret it). It does seem that there was a need for such a restaurant in the area. I think that it will do well, as long as people realize that it is there. They do have valet parking, although it is not too hard to park in that area on the street.

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        Sounds promising. Went there for a drink a few weeks ago and liked the bar atmosphere plus they had a pretty thoughtful beer selection - at least to my liking, they have a great wheat beer and belgian witte. Will have to go back and try the menu.

    2. I read a review on a FH blog which stated that they serve A-1 steaksauce with their beef which just seems to be a big turnoff to me if their beef is truly prime. I will try try PJs myself in a month or so after the initial shake-out phase is done.

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        I read the same post just now on Queens Central. Yeah I think I'll hold off for now.

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          This is what I experienced. I'd take Lugers any day over that!

      2. I tried, but we left after standing in the empty room for 5 minutes (beginning of their lunch service) When an astoundingly rude, suit-wearing stereotype of a man walks from the back, talking on his cell phone; we wait about a minute or so and say "pardon me; are you open for lunch?" He gives me the 'just one minute finger' while continuing to talk on his cell nothing (owner? manager?). We stood there, as per the boor's instructions, and left after he continued his conversation for an additional 2 full minutes. Crazy.

        BTW, as a frame of reference, I have NEVER been offended by the oft-mentioned gruff service at Luger's.....

        1. I heard that they have an old school Russian chef named Pol Grunkorn.

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            Grunkorn is gone. They have somebody new.

          2. I live about 4 blocks away from PJs and was very excited to see a new restaurants being built and it was not on Austin Street. Since its open I've been there 2x. The decor is beautiful, the staff is great...But the food is something to be less desired. I ordered the grilled halibut and au gratin with seasonal vegetable: The fish: overcooked, the au gratin: bland, and the vegetable: bland. Went back a 2nd time, thinking my taste buds were off: Ordered the Filet Mignon (rare) with cream of spinach and rice pilaf. Disappointed again. The steak was almost cook to perfection (they seemed to cook it medium-rare) the cream of spinach was bland and it wasn't fresh spinach and the rice is something you can buy at the market -- the uncle ben's special you can cook in the microwave but with a TABLESPOON of butter to stop your heart.
            After those 2 disappointing meals, I vowed not to return until they get a new chef.
            Sorry...Just telling it like it is.

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              Looks like you got your wish, chef-wise. I am curious what happened to the old chef (Grunkorn). I heard so much about him. Looks like he is Polish, not Russian. I am not sure if he was trained in America or not.

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                Just ate their tonight. I really enjoyed it....martini was the best I've had in in Queens, and one glass of (OK...not great) shiraz was all I could handle beyond that...(my wife and the kids who were with me don't drink...but the wine list is extensive and ranges from $30 on up...). Shared the clams oreganata (very good, and about twice as many clams as I expected..) and a mixed green salad...then had the 16 oz strip. Nice and crusty...ordered it medium, came medium rare (don't mind that at all...) and tasted great. No, it wasn't Homestead, Keens, PL or S&W.....but considering that the price was only 3/4 as much ($30) it was damn good. My wife had the chicken, and was very was my youngest with his chopped steak (don't ask me why....he can order what he wants....). My other son had the duck...said it was OK but way too sweet. Desserts are none too impressive...but who cares? From what I could see coming out of the kitchen, filet mignon appears to be far and away the most popular dish...looked good to me! The restaurant itself is nice and quiet(!)...tables are very well spaced....only half full for prime time on a Friday night. My waiter was nice but a bit flaky....looked like the others were more on the ball. Overall, the bottom line is that, yes, I do want to go back!