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Aug 24, 2007 06:52 AM

New Yorker coming to Philly-- need recommendations

My girlfriend and I will be spending Labor Day weekend in Philly. We're staying at a b&b in the Rittenhouse area, but are looking to do some exploring. I've been to Philly a bunch, my mom grew up there, so I know the city fairly well. But I've never done much food exploring there, other than eating cheesesteaks and hot pretzels. So, what should a foodie do with three days in Philly? Thanks for your help.

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  1. You should post this on the Pennsylvania forum and you will get many responses. I'll start off by saying you should visit the Reading Terminal Market for lunch. Many food vendors, and you can each get what you want. DiNics for the pork sandwich, Bassets for any sort of turkey sandwich, 12th St Cantina for casual Mexican.
    Rouge on Rittenhouse Square for a great burger and outside people watching. LeBar downstairs at Le Bec Fin for bistro type food and great wine. Just a few to get you started.

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      Thanks-- very helpful. I'll post on Penn board too.

    2. I spend a lot of time in Philly on business and it's a great restaurant city. For breakfast, would recommend Farmicia (15 S. 3rd St). In fact, that neighborhood has a lot of good, independent restaurants. Cebu is quite good and there is no shortage of great Italian restaurants in the city.

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        If you want a hip tavern experience, go to the Standard Tap in the Northern Liberties section, just north of Old City. The mussels and sausage appetizer is scrumptious. The fish entree specials are extremely generous in portion for the price (and are delicious too). Great shoestring sweet potato fries. At one time, and maybe still, the chef worked at Striped Bass. And the beer selection is varied and fine.