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Tennessee BBQ in Ballston Spa

Some guys from Memphis have set up their rig outside of the Double M Western store just west of exit 12 of the Northway. Pulled pork, baby back and beef ribs, brisket, chicken, smoked over hickory and oak. Baked beans and other sides. Eat on the hood of your car, or maybe at a picnic table. Meat is Tennessee style, dry-rubbed, vinegar- or mustard-based sauce passed separately. They'll be there until November 1, and maybe longer, if they can locate some inside space. The real deal, and very tasty.

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  1. now I'm really, really hungry. I'm fearing this is someplace upstate. What town is this in? I'm trying to find an excuse to tell the wife and kids of why we need to pass by there and accidentally stumble on this!

    - Adam

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      Balston Spa is way upstate, near Saratoga, adam....a long drive.

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        Hmm. Google tells me this is going to be more than 3 hours away. Dang. I've got to figure something out...

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          Adamclyde, have you tried Big W? It's just about an hour away and quite good. Not Tennessee style and not everything was perfection but very good on many counts. Much better - imho - than Q and much more reasonable in price.

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          Actually it is in the Capitol District and on the verge of the Adirondacks and northern NY. If you were looking for a weekend in Lake George or chcking out Saratoga or heading farther north like up to Lake Placid you could make it a lunch stop going or coming.

      2. J-Bob's (that's what it's called, J-Bob's) is moving to permanent quarters at the old Janet's V-Corners, 2 miles west of its present location. It'll be at the intersection of Rts. 67 and 50. It'll be a sit-down restaurant, counter service, I imagine. Great stuff.

        1. WAY WAY WAY Too Expensive $$$$$ I went to J-Bobs and paid over $10 dollars for a small pulled pork sandwich, fries and a soda! They really need to review there prices and market their business better to get away from high prices and bring in the customers. They could put PJ's BBQ out of business in quality if they really tried(I do not see motivation to do that). You would never hear of J-Bobs unless you drive by the restaurant. I did not see any corn bread available, the BBQ sauce is good, really my only issue is the outrageous prices. I would go back if the same meal went for $6 to $6.50 a meal. IF the prices dropped 45% in price for everything, I would be a local! Hopefully the owners read this.

          1. I see that the comments on this place are a year old so I thought I'd chime in. My friend and I just had some J-Bob's this weekend, an experience that was just so friggin' good for my soul. The pork ribs were ridiculous, falling off the bone. Couldnt even stop at the bone since he marrow was so tender. The owner and manager/cook/only employee were so great we came back the next day for more ribs and conversation.

            I agree with dpballstonspa, you'd never find this place if you didnt smell it while standing at the light at the corner, but 100% worth a trip if in the Saratoga area. PJ's has nothing on these guys in product quality and atmosphere.

            They have a site too: http://www.jbobstennbbq.com/

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              We went yesterday for an early dinner and had a mixed experience. The owner/cook/only employee was very friendly and service was quick (we were the only customers at the time). However, the food was not great overall. We ordered a mix including pork ribs, wings, half chicken, brisket and pulled pork.

              The pork ribs were tender and had good smoke flavor, but were very underseasoned (or not seasoned at all) and would have benefitted from a dry rub (this was true for everything). The pulled pork was OK but the other stuff just seemed way over cooked/smoked or possibly not very fresh. The brisket was cooked so much is was essentially mush.

              We may consider trying it again sometime to give another chance. But we'll stick to the pork ribs and maybe also try the beef ribs.

              1. re: bdegregory

                Incredibly dull, bland Q. You are correct--no seasoning whatsoever.

            2. They used to park at Saratoga Orchards near Schuylerville. I prefer Dr. T's in Greenwich (Middle Falls) on Rte. 29.

              1. Beef ribs! Slow-smoked ginormous beef ribs. Easily a pound of unctuous meat per each $8 rib. Beef ribs!

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                  They are now parked at Janet's V-Corners and have an inside space as well. The pork ribs were pricey and flavorless. But I'll go back again and try the beef ribs. Gotta go 3 or 4 times before taking it off my list.

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                    This is a permanent space with a full menu. I think this is their second full year at the location, although they were closed during the winter.