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Aug 24, 2007 05:48 AM

Yummy takeout quiche in center city or Delco?

Besides DiBruno's, where else can I find a quiche? Anywhere in Reading Terminal? Are there any gourmet cheese shops or take out shops in Delco that may sell a quiche?

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  1. Try the farmer's market at Headhouse square on Sundays. I forgot the name of the stand, but they sell quiches along with chicken potpies, fruit pies and poultry products. I've had the potpies and the peach-berry pie, which were both excellent. I haven't tried the quiche myself but they're sold frozen so you can store them.

    1. Metropolitan Bakery in the RTM had quiche on Saturday - also there is a new place - everyday gourmet (took Andro's spot) that may have quiche

      1. A new cafe just opened in downtown Media. They have both cheese and quiche (and sandwiches/salads etc. too). I have not yet tried the quiche but the sandwich I had was quite excellent.